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In-battle held items are Pokémon-holdable items whose functions actuate during Pokémon battles. They effectuate an array of functions—both potentially beneficial and negatory to the holder—when equippers of them are deployed in battle, and they must be equipped outside of battle; they are not changeable throughout the course of battle.

Due to developmental limitations and incompletions of Pokémon Revolution Online, not all of such items from the official games are implemented in PRO at this juncture; the ones that have been are existentially reflected as such on the body of this page.

While they are considered strategic devices for Pokémon battles, not all are permissible in ranked PvP; read the PvP ruleset to know which ones are outlawed from them.

In-battle effect items

The section subsumes all in-battle items that only have monomodal usability, meaning that their functions are confined strictly within the purview of battles; they have no out-of-battle usability, as such.




Self-destructive items


Evolutionary items

Main article: Evolutionary Items

As secondary functions to their evolutionary usages, various evolutionary items will oftentimes produce a passive in-battle effect when held by the Pokémon.

Due to the expendability of all evolutionary items, they will be lost when successfully used to evolve a compatible Pokémon.


Main article: Berries

Akin to various restorative and curative items, such as potions, berries are also out-of-battle-usable; their niche over more inorganic items in that regard is that they are self-consumable by the holding Pokémon in battle, meaning they will be auto-used when the conditional thresholds are met for them (the onset of a status ailment, per se).