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Pokémon types

Normal is one of the eighteen characteristical types that are classifiable to all known Pokémon.

It is notably the specialistic type of Whitney of Goldenrod Gym and Norman of Petalburg Gym. Additionally, it is one of the triadic types of every starter-Pokémon subset, designating the third starter Pokémon available in order of the regional Pokédex.

Type effectiveness


Offensive damage-modifiers
 2×  Strong against  1×  Neutral against  ½×  Inffective against  0×  Inoffensible against


Defensive damage-modifiers
 2×  Weak to  1×  Neutral to  ½×  Resistant to  0×  Immune to


Normal is the second-most plenteous type of Pokémon next to Water and being germanely the most ubiquitous as it pertains to land-oriented inhabitants.

Primary-type Pokémon

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Rarity Tier
#16 16Icon.png Pidgey Normal Flying 1
#17 17Icon.png Pidgeotto Normal Flying 1
#18 18Icon.png Pidgeot Normal Flying 1
#19 19Icon.png Rattata Normal 1
#20 20Icon.png Raticate Normal 1
#21 21Icon.png Spearow Normal Flying 1
#22 22Icon.png Fearow Normal Flying 1
#39 39Icon.png Jigglypuff Normal Fairy 1
#40 40Icon.png Wigglytuff Normal Fairy 4
#52 52Icon.png Meowth Normal 1
#53 53Icon.png Persian Normal 2
#83 83Icon.png Farfetch'd Normal Flying 3
#84 84Icon.png Doduo Normal Flying 1
#85 85Icon.png Dodrio Normal Flying 2
#108 108Icon.png Lickitung Normal 4
#113 113Icon.png Chansey Normal 8
#115 115Icon.png Kangaskhan Normal 8
#128 128Icon.png Tauros Normal 5
#132 132Icon.png Ditto Normal 6
#133 133Icon.png Eevee Normal 9
#137 137Icon.png Porygon Normal 10
#143 143Icon.png Snorlax Normal 8
#161 161Icon.png Sentret Normal 1
#162 162Icon.png Furret Normal 2
#163 163Icon.png Hoothoot Normal Flying 1
#164 164Icon.png Noctowl Normal Flying 1
#174 174Icon.png Igglybuff Normal Fairy 8
#190 190Icon.png Aipom Normal 5
#203 203Icon.png Girafarig Normal Psychic 1
#206 206Icon.png Dunsparce Normal 1
#216 216Icon.png Teddiursa Normal 2
#217 217Icon.png Ursaring Normal 3
#233 233Icon.png Porygon2 Normal 10
#234 234Icon.png Stantler Normal 2
#235 235Icon.png Smeargle Normal 7
#241 241Icon.png Miltank Normal 6
#242 242Icon.png Blissey Normal 10
#263 263Icon.png Zigzagoon Normal 1
#264 264Icon.png Linoone Normal 3
#276 276Icon.png Taillow Normal Flying 1
#277 277Icon.png Swellow Normal Flying 5
#287 287Icon.png Slakoth Normal 5
#288 288Icon.png Vigoroth Normal 10
#289 289Icon.png Slaking Normal 10
#293 293Icon.png Whismur Normal 3
#294 294Icon.png Loudred Normal 3
#295 295Icon.png Exploud Normal 10
#298 298Icon.png Azurill Normal Fairy 4
#300 300Icon.png Skitty Normal 4
#301 301Icon.png Delcatty Normal 10
#327 327Icon.png Spinda Normal 3
#333 333Icon.png Swablu Normal Flying 7
#335 335Icon.png Zangoose Normal 7
#351 351Icon.png Castform Normal 8
#352 352Icon.png Kecleon Normal 4
#396 396Icon.png Starly Normal Flying 1
#397 397Icon.png Staravia Normal Flying 4
#398 398Icon.png Staraptor Normal Flying 6
#399 399Icon.png Bidoof Normal 1
#400 400Icon.png Bibarel Normal Water 2
#424 424Icon.png Ambipom Normal 10
#427 427Icon.png Buneary Normal 6
#428 428Icon.png Lopunny Normal 10
#431 431Icon.png Glameow Normal 4
#432 432Icon.png Purugly Normal 8
#440 440Icon.png Happiny Normal 7
#441 441Icon.png Chatot Normal Flying 7
#446 446Icon.png Munchlax Normal 7
#463 463Icon.png Lickilicky Normal 4
#474 474Icon.png Porygon-Z Normal 10
#486 486Icon.png Regigigas Normal 10
#493 493Icon.png Arceus Normal 10
#504 504Icon.png Patrat Normal 1
#505 505Icon.png Watchog Normal 2
#506 506Icon.png Lillipup Normal 6
#507 507Icon.png Herdier Normal 10
#508 508Icon.png Stoutland Normal 10
#519 519Icon.png Pidove Normal Flying 8
#520 520Icon.png Tranquill Normal Flying 10
#521 521Icon.png Unfezant Normal Flying 10
#531 531Icon.png Audino Normal 8
#572 572Icon.png Minccino Normal 8
#573 573Icon.png Cinccino Normal 10
#585 585Icon.png Deerling Normal Grass 7
#586 586Icon.png Sawsbuck Normal Grass 10
#626 626Icon.png Bouffalant Normal 8
#627 627Icon.png Rufflet Normal Flying 8
#628 628Icon.png Braviary Normal Flying 10
#648 648Icon.png Meloetta Normal Psychic 10
#659 659Icon.png Bunnelby Normal 8
#660 660Icon.png Diggersby Normal Ground 10
#661 661Icon.png Fletchling Normal Flying 8
#676 676Icon.png Furfrou Normal 9
#731 731Icon.png Pikipek Normal Flying 10
#732 732Icon.png Trumbeak Normal Flying 10
#733 733Icon.png Toucannon Normal Flying 10
#734 734Icon.png Yungoos Normal 10
#735 735Icon.png Gumshoos Normal 10
#759 759Icon.png Stufful Normal Fighting 10
#760 760Icon.png Bewear Normal Fighting 10
#765 765Icon.png Oranguru Normal Psychic 10
#772 772Icon.png Type: Null Normal 10
#773 773Icon.png Silvally Normal 10
#775 775Icon.png Komala Normal 10
#780 780Icon.png Drampa Normal Dragon 10

Secondary-type Pokémon

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Rarity Tier
#19A 19AIcon.png Alolan Rattata Dark Normal 10
#20A 20AIcon.png Alolan Raticate Dark Normal 10
#667 667Icon.png Litleo Fire Normal 7
#668 668Icon.png Pyroar Fire Normal 10
#694 694Icon.png Helioptile Electric Normal 8
#695 695Icon.png Heliolisk Electric Normal 10


As the most indistinctive type, its damage-modifiers are typically not alterable by moves; the only exceptions are the deimmunization of Ghost-type Pokémon, such as by usage of the Odor Sleuth technique.

MoveCategoryBase PowerAccuracyPP
Acupressure Status—%10
After You Status—%15
Assist Status—%20
Attract Status100%15
Barrage Physical1585%20
Baton Pass Status—%40
Belly Drum Status—%10
Bestow Status—%15
Bide Physical—%10
Bind Physical1585%20
Block Status—%5
Body Slam Physical80100%15
Boomburst Special140100%10
Camouflage Status—%20
Captivate Status100%20
Celebrate Status—%40
Chip Away Physical70100%20
Comet Punch Physical1885%15
Confide Status—%20
Constrict Physical10100%35
Conversion Status—%30
Conversion 2 Status—%30
Copycat Status—%20
Covet Physical60100%25
Crush Claw Physical7595%10
Cut Physical5095%30
Defense Curl Status—%40
Disable Status100%20
Dizzy Punch Physical70100%10
Double Hit Physical3590%10
Double Slap Physical1585%10
Double Team Status—%15
Double-Edge Physical120100%15
Echoed Voice Special40100%15
Egg Bomb Physical10075%10
Encore Status100%5
Endeavor Physical100%5
Endure Status—%10
Entrainment Status100%15
Explosion Physical250100%5
Extreme Speed Physical80100%5
Facade Physical70100%20
Fake Out Physical40100%10
False Swipe Physical40100%40
Feint Physical30100%10
Flail Physical100%15
Flash Status100%20
Focus Energy Status—%30
Follow Me Status—%20
Foresight Status—%40
Frustration Physical100%20
Fury Attack Physical1585%20
Fury Swipes Physical1880%15
Giga Impact Physical15090%5
Glare Status100%30
Growl Status100%40
Growth Status—%20
Guillotine Physical30%5
Harden Status—%30
Head Charge Physical120100%15
Headbutt Physical70100%15
Heal Bell Status—%5
Helping Hand Status—%20
Hidden Power Special60100%15
Horn Attack Physical65100%25
Horn Drill Physical30%5
Howl Status—%40
Hyper Beam Special15090%5
Hyper Fang Physical8090%15
Hyper Voice Special90100%10
Laser Focus Status—%48
Last Resort Physical140100%5
Leer Status100%30
Lock-On Status—%5
Lovely Kiss Status75%10
Lucky Chant Status—%30
Me First Status—%20
Mean Look Status—%5
Mega Kick Physical12075%5
Mega Punch Physical8085%20
Metronome Status—%10
Milk Drink Status—%10
Mimic Status—%10
Mind Reader Status—%5
Minimize Status—%10
Morning Sun Status—%5
Multi-Attack Physical120100%10
Natural Gift Physical100%15
Nature Power Status—%20
Noble Roar Status100%30
Odor Sleuth Status—%40
Pain Split Status—%20
Pay Day Physical40100%20
Perish Song Status—%5
Play Nice Status—%20
Pound Physical40100%35
Present Physical90%15
Protect Status—%10
Psych Up Status—%10
Quick Attack Physical40100%30
Rage Physical20100%20
Rapid Spin Physical20100%40
Razor Wind Special80100%10
Recover Status—%10
Recycle Status—%10
Reflect Type Status—%15
Refresh Status—%20
Retaliate Physical70100%5
Return Physical100%20
Revelation Dance Special90100%15
Roar Status—%20
Rock Climb Physical9085%20
Round Special60100%15
Safeguard Status—%25
Scary Face Status100%10
Scratch Physical40100%35
Screech Status85%40
Secret Power Physical70100%20
Self-Destruct Physical200100%5
Sharpen Status—%30
Shell Smash Status—%15
Simple Beam Status-100%15
Sing Status55%15
Sketch Status—%1
Skull Bash Physical100100%15
Slack Off Status—%10
Slam Physical8075%20
Slash Physical70100%20
Sleep Talk Status—%10
Smelling Salts Physical70100%10
SmokeScreen Status100%20
Snore Special50100%15
Soft-Boiled Status—%10
Sonic Boom Special90%20
Spike Cannon Physical20100%15
Spit Up Special100%10
Splash Status—%40
Spotlight Status—%15
Stockpile Status100%
Stomp Physical65100%20
Strength Physical80100%15
Substitute Status—%16
Super Fang Physical90%10
Supersonic Status55%20
Swagger Status90%15
Swallow Status—%10
Sweet Scent Status100%20
Swift Special60—%20
Swords Dance Status—%30
Tackle Physical50100%35
Tail Slap Physical2585%10
Tail Whip Status100%30
Take Down Physical9085%20
Tearful Look Status—%20
Teeter Dance Status100%20
Thrash Physical120100%10
Tickle Status100%20
Transform Status—%10
Tri Attack Special80100%10
Trump Card Special100%5
Uproar Special90100%10
Vice Grip Physical55100%30
YYYWeather BallYYY Special50100%10
Whirlwind Status—%20
Wish Status—%10
Work Up Status—%30
Wrap Physical1590%20
Wring Out Special100%5
Yawn Status—%10
  All emboldened moves are broken; read their individualized pages for more information, regardingly.


NormalizeCalculates damage dealt by all the possessor's moves on the axiom as if they are all Normal-type moves.
ScrappyDeimmunizes Ghost-type Pokémon, allowing the possessor to attack them with Normal- and Fighting-type moves.
Tangled FeetHalves the accuracy rate of all moves deployed against the possessor while it is confused.
  • Emboldened names denote abilities that are exclusively inheritable by Normal-type Pokémon.


Item Function
Lucky Punch.pngLucky PunchUpscales the critical-hit ratio of all moves used exclusively by Chansey.
Normal cloak.pngNormal cloakA specially Normal-thematized cloak.
Normal Hood.pngNormal HoodA specially Normal-thematized hood.
Silk Scarf.pngSilk ScarfEnhances the damage-power output of -type moves by 20%.
Normal Gem.pngNormal GemEnhances the damage-power output of -type moves by 30% (one time use only) after this the Gem is consumed.