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You can download PRO (Pokémon Revolution Online) from the official website or from one of the download links below.

You will need a file-archiving extractor in order to open it; WinRar is the most recommendable one for PRO. Once you have downloaded it, extract all of its contents into a new folder.

All download links itemized here are reputable; therefore, if your anti-virus program(s) and/or Firewall are flagging it as harmful, you can consider it a false positive. Try another one of the mirrors if that is the case, or add the program as an exception to your Firewall and/or anti-virus program.

Whenever a new client update occurs, it will be automatically updated when you use a Windows OS else you will need to re-download the client to have the most up-to-date components.

Official mirrors

Windows mirrors

64-bit version

32-bit version

Android version

Linux version

Since the release of Unity 2019.3, Unity now supports IL2CPP for Linux, thus the Developers have decided to make a Linux client. As this client is "new", issues may arise. If there are any issues feel free to ask for assistance on PRO's official forums

Mac Version

Unofficial mirrors

While these are not officially itemized on PRO's official website, they are still acknowledged by PRO's Staff as reputable mirrors and thus are safe to download.

All-encompassing mirrors