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Status ailments are conditional agents that proteanly affect a Pokémon's ability to battle while operatively active in-battle.

Status ailments are most commonly transmissible through specialistic status moves; however, they also exist as subsidiary effects for various multifunctional moves, in addition to causative abilities.

Due to various developmental incompletions and other amendations that were deemed necessary for the transmodal transition to an MMO environment, many status ailments may be inexistent; if certain functions from the official games are not delineated on this page, it is tacit that it is the case with them. The PvP Ruleset may codify its rules against such usage depending on whether or not the bugged mechanics and usage thereof are considered detrimental to the balance of the PvP venue.

Status ailments

Status ailments are debilitative effects that are onset in-battle. While there is a modal variability of the effects—some of which are even unilaterally beneficial to the user—most impinge the opponent by either by insidiously damaging their health or by inhibiting them from executing any move.

Status ailments effectuate as soon as they are onset; this means that the afflictee will sustain its effects on the contractive turn, and it will elapse as one turn in its duration (for those ailments that have a durational determinacy, namely the acute ones as described below).

There are two modal categories for status ailments: chronic and acute ones; chronic ones can only be expunged by medicinal remedies, Pokémon Center trips, or ailment-curative moves and abilities, whereas acute ones will only last for the duration of the battle or until the afflictee is switched out.


A Wartortle and Blastoise that are markedly afflicted by status ailments.

Chronic ailments are more rigidly lasting ailments that remain continuously effective until it is cured by medical devices, such as curative items, Pokémon Center trips, and by other avenues. They will remain active out of battle and will be embossed by the corresponsive icon on Pokémon shells and hover-overs; see the pictorial illustration to the right.

Contradistinct to the official games, chronic ailments, which are homologically known as non-volatile ailments thereon, are not inoperative out of battle. While the status will still remain in effect outside of battle until cured and will be continually operationalized in-battle, they precipitate no operatively active effects outside of battle; for example, if a poisoned Pokémon were marshaled as the lead Pokémon, it would not incur damage from walking outside of battle.

Additionally, chronic and acute ailments are not differentiable statuses in the current battle system, meaning that they can not consolidate each other as compound effects; they will overwrite each other regardless of their classification.


It is a physiothermal condition that incrementally damages the afflictee, inflicting a damage equal to 1/16th of their maximal HP per turn. Additionally, it will halve the amount of damage that is inflictable by physical moves.

Pokémon of the associative Fire type and possessors of the Water Veil ability are insusceptible to the contraction of this status ailment.

It is curable by consumption of a Rawst Berry or application of a Burn Heal, in addition to usage of all of the all-conditional remedial agents.

Causative agents
Blaze Kick Fire Physical 85 90 10
Ember Fire Special 40 100 25
Fire Blast Fire Special 110 85 5
Fire Fang Fire Physical 65 95 15
Fire Punch Fire Physical 75 100 15
Flamethrower Fire Special 90 100 15
Flame Wheel Fire Physical 60 100 25
Flare Blitz Fire Physical 120 100 15
Heat Wave Fire Special 95 90 10
Inferno Fire Special 100 50 5
Lava Plume Fire Special 80 100 15
Sacred Fire Fire Physical 100 95 5
Scald Water Special 80 100 15
Tri Attack Normal Special 80 100 10
Will-O-Wisp Fire Status 85 15

Contactively attacking a Flame Body-possessor precipitates a 30% chance of the inflictor getting burned.


The Flame Orb will burn the holder at the end of the turn.


Frozen Pokémon will be immobilized, precluding them from making any move while encrusted in the glacial bank.

While the amount of afflictive turns is indeterminate, there is a 20% chance of defrosting it each turn; if successful, the Pokémon will be able to attack in the immediacy of extrication.

Additional counteragents for curing frozenness include an Ice Heal, an Aspear Berry, the Magma Armor ability, and the activation of the Hydration ability. Additionally, damage-dealing Fire-type moves inflicted on the Pokémon will instantaneously thaw them out of it.

Harsh sunlight will also preclude the Pokémon from being frozen; however, damage will still be sustained from non-status moves.

Causative moves
Blizzard Ice Special 110 70 5
Ice Beam Ice Special 95 100 10
Ice Fang Ice Physical 65 95 15
Ice Punch Ice Physical 75 100 15
Powder Snow Ice Special 40 100 25
Tri Attack Normal Special 80 100 10


Paralysis incapacitates the target's in-battle Speed stat, reducing it by 50%, and it onsets a 25% chance that the afflictee will capitulate their turn.

Pokémon of the associative Electric type are invulnerable to this ailment. While Ground-type Pokémon are insulated against all effects of damage-dealing Electric-type moves, the ailment is still inflictable by usage of status-based moves that are programmed to do so.

It is curable by consumption of a Cheri Berry or application of a Paralyze Heal, in addition to usage of any of the all-conditional remedial agents.

While the Smelling Salts move will be doubly powerful against paralyzed Pokémon, it will also cure them of it as a countereffect.

Causative agents
Body Slam Normal Physical 80 100 15
Bounce Flying Physical 85 85 5
Discharge Electric Special 80 100 15
Dragon Breath Dragon Special 60 100 20
Force Palm Fighting Physical 60 100 10
Glare Normal Status 100 30
Lick Ghost Physical 30 100 30
Nuzzle Electric Physical 20 100 20
Spark Electric Physical 65 100 20
Stun Spore Grass Status 75 30
Thunder Electric Special 110 70 10
Thunder Fang Electric Physical 65 95 15
Thunder Punch Electric Physical 75 100 15
Thunderbolt Electric Special 90 100 15
Thunder Shock Electric Special 40 100 30
Tri Attack Normal Special 80 100 10
Volt Tackle Electric Physical 120 100 15
Zap Cannon Electric Special 120 50 5

When contactive moves are deployed against possessors of the Static ability, there is a 10%-chance repercussion of paralysis on the inflictor. Additionally, paralysis is one of the ailmental eventualities of contactively attack an Effect Spore-possessor.


Poisoned Pokémon will sustain damage equalized to 1/8th of their maximal HP at the end of each turn, effectuating the concurrent turn that the status ailment is onset. If the afflictee's opponent faints on a turn of this affliction, the afflictee will not sustain damage from it at the end of the turn.

A more pernicious threshold of the ailment is known as badly poisoned, wherein the damage rate deteriorates more exponentially. Badly poisoned Pokémon will initially lose 1/16th of their HP, and the damage output will incrementally increase by that proportional amount each turn. Toxic Spikes will badly poison only after being used twice.

The Poison and Steel types are impervious to becoming poisoned; however, they can still be poisoned by non-Poison-type moves, such as Twineedle.

An Antidote, a Pecha Berry, or any of the all-conditional ailment curatives can be used to expunge the ailment.

Causative agents
Statically poisonining
Cross Poison Poison Physical 70 100 20
Gunk Shot Poison Physical 120 80 5
Poison Jab Poison Physical 80 100 20
Poison Powder Poison Status 75 35
Poison Sting Poison Physical 15 100 35
Poison Tail Poison Physical 50 100 25
Sludge Poison Special 65 100 20
Sludge Bomb Poison Special 90 100 10
Sludge Wave Poison Special 95 100 10
Smog Poison Special 30 70 20
Tri Attack Normal Special 80 100 10
Toxic Spikes Poison Status 20
Twineedle Bug Physical 25 100 20
Badly poisoning
Poison Fang Poison Physical 50 100 15
Toxic Poison Status 90 10
Toxic Spikes Poison Status 20

When contactive moves are deployed against possessors of the Poison Point, and Effect Spore abilities, there will variably be a chance of the inflictor becoming poisoned.


The Toxic Orb will poison the holder at the end of each turn.


When soporific moves or abilities send a Pokémon into sleep, they will be completely actionless while that is in effect.

While the Pokémon will wake up after 1-3 turns, they can be more instantaneously roused by usages of an Awakening, a Chesto Berry, or any of the all-conditional ailment curatives.

Insomnia- and Vital Spirit-possessors are not sedatable into sleep; this is also applicable to those that have transitorily inherited the Insomnia ability by an opponent's usage of the Worry Seed move.

Causative agents
Dark Void Dark Status 50 10
Grass Whistle Grass Status 55 15
Hypnosis Psychic Status 60 20
Lovely Kiss Normal Status 75 10
Rest Psychic Status 10
Sing Normal Status 55 15
Sleep Powder Grass Status 75 15
Spore Grass Status 100 15
Yawn Normal Status 10

Sleep is one of the ailmental eventualities of the Effect Spore ability, which has an 11% chance of putting a Pokémon to sleep if they contactively attack a possessor of that ability.


Acute status ailments are transient effects that are not susceptible to being long-lastingly effective, typically subsiding after the Pokémon is switched out, when the battle ends, or after a determinate duration of turns.


Whenever a Pokémon becomes bound by a constrictive of engulfing move it will lose 1/16th of its maximal HP per turn. The effect lasts for 4-5 turns.

Causative Moves
Bind Normal Physical 15 85 20
Clamp Water Physical 35 85 15
Fire Spin Fire Special 40 100 25
Infestation Bug Special 20 100 20
Magma Storm Fire Special 100 75 5
Sand Tomb Ground Physical 35 85 15
Whirlpool Water Special 35 85 15
Wrap Normal Physical 15 90 20


Confusion will addle the Pokémon, instilling a 50% chance that the Pokémon will attack itself. The self-inflicted damage is calculated with the attributes of a typeless move of 40 base-power points.

The ailment will subside after 1-4 turns wherein the afflictee attacked or by usage of a Persim Berry or any of the all-conditional ailment curatives.

Causative moves
Chatter Flying Special 65 100 20
Confuse Ray Ghost Status 100 10
Confusion Psychic Special 50 100 25
Dizzy Punch Normal Physical 70 100 10
Dynamic Punch Fighting Physical 100 50 5
Flatter Dark Status 100 15
Hurricane Flying Special 110 70 10
Psybeam Psychic Special 65 100 20
Rock Climb Normal Physical 90 85 20
Signal Beam Bug Special 75 100 15
Supersonic Normal Status 55 20
Swagger Normal Status 90 15
Sweet Kiss Fairy Status 75 10
Teeter Dance Normal Status 100 20
Water Pulse Water Special 60 100 20

Leech Seed

This ailment is inimitably exclusive to the Leech Seed attack. It seeds the opposing Pokémon, sapping them of 1/8th of their maximal HP, recuperating the afflictor's HP by the same amount.

Grass-type Pokémon are invulnerable to this affliction.


When infatuated, there is a 50%-chance probability that the afflicted Pokémon will refuse to attack the infatuator, feeling too endeared by them to violently act on them.

Infatuation is evoked by contrasexual Pokémon by usage of the Attract technique and Cute Charm ability.

The Oblivious ability immunizes the possessor from infatuation.


In addition to the type-specially tailored curatives that are noted in each ailment-respective subsection, more general, all-conditional items, moves, abilities, and other convalescent agents can be used to instantaneously cure the Pokémon of its ailment, as noted below.


Item Function
Full Heal.pngFull HealExpunges the burn, sleep, poison, paralysis, confusion, and freeze ailments.
Full Restore.pngFull RestoreExpunges the burn, sleep, poison, paralysis, confusion, and freeze ailments while recuperating all deprived HP of the consumptive Pokémon.
Lum Berry.pngLum BerryA wildcard berry that will cure any status ailment that the consumer may be afflicted by..


Rest will restore the user's maximal amount of HP and supplant the previous status ailment, leaving them in a wholesome condition as soon as they wake up.

Psycho Shift transmits the user's current ailment to the target, thereby expunging it from the user and afflicting the target with it.

Baton Pass will auto-switch the outgoing user and transmit most status ailments that it may be afflicted by to the incoming Pokémon.


Main article: Abilities

Natural Cure will expunge any chronic status ailments of the possessor may be presentially afflicted by when they switch out or if they are the last-active Pokémon by the juncture that the battle ends.

Additionally, Shed Skin has a 30% chance of curing the possessor of any chronic ailments it may have.

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