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Pokémon types

Poison is one of the eighteen characteristical types of all the known Pokémon.

It is notably the specialistic type of Janine of Fuchsia Gym and her father Koga of Kanto's Elite Four bureau.

Type effectiveness


Offensive damage-modifiers
 2×  Strong against  1×  Neutral against  ½×  Inffective against  0×  Inoffensible against


Defensive damage-modifiers
 2×  Weak to  1×  Neutral to  ½×  Resistant to  0×  Immune to


Primary-type Pokémon

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Rarity Tier
#23 23Icon.png Ekans Poison 1
#24 24Icon.png Arbok Poison 1
#29 29Icon.png Nidoran Female Poison 1
#30 30Icon.png Nidorina Poison 1
#31 31Icon.png Nidoqueen Poison Ground 1
#32 32Icon.png Nidoran Male Poison 1
#33 33Icon.png Nidorino Poison 1
#34 34Icon.png Nidoking Poison Ground 6
#41 41Icon.png Zubat Poison Flying 1
#42 42Icon.png Golbat Poison Flying 1
#88 88Icon.png Grimer Poison 1
#88A 88AIcon.png Alolan Grimer Poison Dark 10
#89 89Icon.png Muk Poison 3
#89A 89AIcon.png Alolan Muk Poison Dark 10
#109 109Icon.png Koffing Poison 1
#110 110Icon.png Weezing Poison 4
#169 169Icon.png Crobat Poison Flying 2
#316 316Icon.png Gulpin Poison 6
#317 317Icon.png Swalot Poison 10
#336 336Icon.png Seviper Poison 6
#434 434Icon.png Stunky Poison Dark 5
#435 435Icon.png Skuntank Poison Dark 8
#451 451Icon.png Skorupi Poison Bug 8
#452 452Icon.png Drapion Poison Dark 10
#453 453Icon.png Croagunk Poison Fighting 8
#454 454Icon.png Toxicroak Poison Fighting 10
#568 568Icon.png Trubbish Poison 9
#569 569Icon.png Garbodor Poison 10
#690 690Icon.png Skrelp Poison Water 7
#691 691Icon.png Dragalge Poison Dragon 10
#747 747Icon.png Mareanie Poison Water 10
#748 748Icon.png Toxapex Poison Water 10
#757 757Icon.png Salandit Poison Fire 10
#758 758Icon.png Salazzle Poison Fire 10
#803 803Icon.png Poipole Poison 10
#804 804Icon.png Naganadel Poison Dragon 10

Secondary-type Pokémon

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Rarity Tier
#1 1Icon.png Bulbasaur Grass Poison 8
#2 2Icon.png Ivysaur Grass Poison 10
#3 3Icon.png Venusaur Grass Poison 10
#13 13Icon.png Weedle Bug Poison 1
#14 14Icon.png Kakuna Bug Poison 2
#15 15Icon.png Beedrill Bug Poison 4
#43 43Icon.png Oddish Grass Poison 1
#44 44Icon.png Gloom Grass Poison 2
#45 45Icon.png Vileplume Grass Poison 1
#48 48Icon.png Venonat Bug Poison 1
#49 49Icon.png Venomoth Bug Poison 1
#69 69Icon.png Bellsprout Grass Poison 1
#70 70Icon.png Weepinbell Grass Poison 2
#71 71Icon.png Victreebel Grass Poison 1
#72 72Icon.png Tentacool Water Poison 1
#73 73Icon.png Tentacruel Water Poison 1
#92 92Icon.png Gastly Ghost Poison 1
#93 93Icon.png Haunter Ghost Poison 3
#94 94Icon.png Gengar Ghost Poison 6
#167 167Icon.png Spinarak Bug Poison 1
#168 168Icon.png Ariados Bug Poison 2
#211 211Icon.png Qwilfish Water Poison 4
#269 269Icon.png Dustox Bug Poison 1
#315 315Icon.png Roselia Grass Poison 4
#406 406Icon.png Budew Grass Poison 5
#407 407Icon.png Roserade Grass Poison 10
#543 543Icon.png Venipede Bug Poison 8
#544 544Icon.png Whirlipede Bug Poison 8
#545 545Icon.png Scolipede Bug Poison 10
#590 590Icon.png Foongus Grass Poison 7
#591 591Icon.png Amoonguss Grass Poison 10
#793 793Icon.png Nihilego Rock Poison 10


Poison is the agentive type of the poisonous status ailment, in addition to its exponentially deteriorative variant known as badly poisoned; by extension, Pokémon of this type are invulnerable to affliction of them.

MoveCategoryBase PowerAccuracyPP
Acid Special40100%30
Acid Armor Status—%20
Acid Spray Special40100%20
Baneful Bunker Status—%10
Belch Special12090%10
Clear Smog Special50—%15
Coil Status—%20
Cross Poison Physical70100%20
Gastro Acid Status100%10
Gunk Shot Physical12080%5
Poison Fang Physical50100%15
Poison Gas Status90%40
Poison Jab Physical80100%20
Poison Powder Status75%35
Poison Sting Physical15100%35
Poison Tail Physical50100%25
Purify Status—%20
Sludge Special65100%20
Sludge Bomb Special90100%10
Sludge Wave Special95100%10
Smog Special3070%20
Toxic Status90%10
Toxic Spikes Status—%20
Toxic Thread Status100%20
Venom Drench Status0100%20
Venoshock Special65100%10
  All emboldened moves are broken; read their individualized pages for more information, regardingly.


Liquid OozeParries off all HP-draining moves, ensuring that they the user as a countereffect instead of self-restoratively damaging the target.
StenchWhenever the possessor sustains damage, there is a 10%-chance probability that the inflictor will flinch.
  • Emboldened names denote abilities that are exclusively inheritable by Poison-type Pokémon.


Item Function
Black Sludge.pngBlack SludgeIncrementally restores HP of Poison-type holders; conversely, holders of any other type will sustain damage.
Poison cloak.pngPoison cloakA specially Poison-thematized cloak.
Poison Hood.pngPoison HoodA specially Poison-thematized hood.
Poison Barb.pngPoison BarbEnhances the damage-power output of Poison-type moves by 20%.
Toxic Orb.pngToxic OrbOnsets the poison status ailment on the holder after one turn in-battle.