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Pokémon types

Fire is one of the eighteen characteristical types of all the known Pokémon.

It is notably the specialistic type of Blaine of Cinnabar Gym, Flannery of Lavaridge Gym, and Flint of Sinnoh's Elite Four bureau. Additionally, it is one of the triadic types—alongside Grass and Water—of every starter-Pokémon subset, homologizing to the third starter Pokémon available in order of the regional Pokédex.

Type effectiveness


Offensive damage-modifiers
 2×  Strong against  1×  Neutral against  ½×  Inffective against  0×  Inoffensible against


Defensive damage-modifiers
 2×  Weak to  1×  Neutral to  ½×  Resistant to  0×  Immune to


Primary-type Pokémon

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Rarity Tier
#4 4Icon.png Charmander Fire 8
#5 5Icon.png Charmeleon Fire 10
#6 6Icon.png Charizard Fire Flying 10
#37 37Icon.png Vulpix Fire 3
#38 38Icon.png Ninetales Fire 10
#58 58Icon.png Growlithe Fire 4
#59 59Icon.png Arcanine Fire 4
#77 77Icon.png Ponyta Fire 4
#78 78Icon.png Rapidash Fire 6
#105A 105AIcon.png Alolan Marowak Fire Ghost 10
#126 126Icon.png Magmar Fire 8
#136 136Icon.png Flareon Fire 10
#146 146Icon.png Moltres Fire Flying 10
#155 155Icon.png Cyndaquil Fire 8
#156 156Icon.png Quilava Fire 10
#157 157Icon.png Typhlosion Fire 10
#218 218Icon.png Slugma Fire 1
#219 219Icon.png Magcargo Fire Rock 5
#240 240Icon.png Magby Fire 6
#244 244Icon.png Entei Fire 10
#250 250Icon.png Ho-Oh Fire Flying 10
#255 255Icon.png Torchic Fire 8
#256 256Icon.png Combusken Fire Fighting 10
#257 257Icon.png Blaziken Fire Fighting 10
#322 322Icon.png Numel Fire Ground 4
#323 323Icon.png Camerupt Fire Ground 7
#324 324Icon.png Torkoal Fire 6
#351B 351BIcon.png Castform-Sunny Fire 8
#390 390Icon.png Chimchar Fire 8
#391 391Icon.png Monferno Fire Fighting 10
#392 392Icon.png Infernape Fire Fighting 10
#467 467Icon.png Magmortar Fire 10
#485 485Icon.png Heatran Fire Steel 10
#498 498Icon.png Tepig Fire 8
#499 499Icon.png Pignite Fire Fighting 10
#500 500Icon.png Emboar Fire Fighting 10
#513 513Icon.png Pansear Fire 6
#514 514Icon.png Simisear Fire 10
#554 554Icon.png Darumaka Fire 7
#555 555Icon.png Darmanitan Fire 10
#555A 555AIcon.png Darmanitan-Zen Fire Psychic 10
#631 631Icon.png Heatmor Fire 8
#653 653Icon.png Fennekin Fire 8
#654 654Icon.png Braixen Fire 10
#655 655Icon.png Delphox Fire Psychic 10
#662 662Icon.png Fletchinder Fire Flying 8
#663 663Icon.png Talonflame Fire Flying 10
#667 667Icon.png Litleo Fire Normal 7
#668 668Icon.png Pyroar Fire Normal 10
#721 721Icon.png Volcanion Fire Water 10
#725 725Icon.png Litten Fire 10
#726 726Icon.png Torracat Fire 10
#727 727Icon.png Incineroar Fire Dark 10
#741 741Icon.png Oricorio Baile Fire Flying 10
#776 776Icon.png Turtonator Fire Dragon 10
#806 806Icon.png Blacephalon Fire Ghost 10

Secondary-type Pokémon

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Rarity Tier
#228 228Icon.png Houndour Dark Fire 7
#229 229Icon.png Houndoom Dark Fire 10
#383 383Icon.png Primal Groudon Ground Fire [[:Category:Tier- huntables|]]
#479B 479BIcon.png Rotom-Heat Electric Fire 10
#494 494Icon.png Victini Psychic Fire 10
#607 607Icon.png Litwick Ghost Fire 7
#608 608Icon.png Lampent Ghost Fire 10
#609 609Icon.png Chandelure Ghost Fire 10
#636 636Icon.png Larvesta Bug Fire 8
#637 637Icon.png Volcarona Bug Fire 10
#643 643Icon.png Reshiram Dragon Fire 10
#757 757Icon.png Salandit Poison Fire 10
#758 758Icon.png Salazzle Poison Fire 10


When harsh sunlight is onset, the attack-power output of all Fire-type moves will be boosted by 50%; however, as a countereffect of in-battle weather effects, rainfalls will halve the damage output of them by 50%.

Fire-type Pokémon are invulnerable to the the associative status ailment in being burned.

MoveCategoryBase PowerAccuracyPP
Blaze Kick Physical8590%10
Blue Flare Special13085%5
Burn Up Special130100%5
Ember Special40100%25
Eruption Special150100%5
Fiery Dance Special80100%10
Fire Blast Special11085%5
Fire Fang Physical6595%15
Fire Punch Physical75100%15
Fire Spin Special40100%25
Flame Burst Special70100%15
Flame Charge Physical50100%20
Flame Wheel Physical60100%25
Flamethrower Special90100%15
Flare Blitz Physical120100%15
Heat Crash Physical100%10
Heat Wave Special9590%10
Hidden Power Fire Special60100%15
Incinerate Special60100%15
Inferno Special10050%5
Lava Plume Special80100%15
Magma Storm Special10075%5
Mind Blown Special150100%5
Mystical Fire Special75100%10
Overheat Special13090%5
Sacred Fire Physical10095%5
Searing Shot Special100100%5
Shell Trap Fire150100%5
Sunny Day Status—%5
V-create Physical18095%5
Will-O-Wisp Status85%15
  All emboldened moves are broken; read their individualized pages for more information, regardingly.


BlazeBolsters up the damage-power output of all Fire-type moves by 50%.
Dry SkinSensitizes the possessor to sustain more damage from Fire-type moves.
Flame BodyAny contactive move made against the possessor may burn the inflictor.
Flash FirePowers up the attack power of Fire-type moves as a countereffect for sustaining damage from one.
HeatproofHalves the inflictable amount of damage from Fire-type moves.
Magma ArmorImmunizes the possessor from becoming frozen.
Thick FatConsolidates the defensive resistance against Fire-type moves, in addition to Ice-type ones.
White SmokePrevents all extraneous stat reductions.
  • Emboldened names denote abilities that are exclusively inheritable by Fire-type Pokémon.


Item Function
Charcoal.pngCharcoalEnhances the damage-power output of Fire-type moves by 20%.
Fire cloak.pngFire cloakA specially fire-thematized cloak.
Fire Hood.pngFire HoodA specially fire-thematized hood.
Flame Orb.pngFlame OrbSelf-inflictingly burns the holder after one turn in-battle.
Heat Rock.pngHeat RockDurationally lengthens the effects of Sunny Day and Drought when held.