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Pokémon types

Electric is one of the eighteen characteristical types of all the known Pokémon.

It is notably the specialistic type of Lt. Surge of Vermilion Gym, Wattson of Mauville Gym, and Volknore of Sunyshore Gym.

Type effectiveness


Offensive damage-modifiers
 2×  Strong against  1×  Neutral against  ½×  Inffective against  0×  Inoffensible against


Defensive damage-modifiers
 2×  Weak to  1×  Neutral to  ½×  Resistant to  0×  Immune to


Electric is the type of Pikachu, which is the quaternary starter of Kanto in Pokémon Revolution Online; this lends into the type's iconicity, as the Electric-type starter was iconized due to its deuteragonistic role in the anime and selectability in Pokémon Yellow.

Due to the dearth of Electric-type Pokémon available in relation to other types, it is one of the most scarcely huntable Pokémon in the wild. They are found the most abundantly in the Power Plant of Kanto.

Primary-type Pokémon

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Rarity Tier
#25 25Icon.png Pikachu Electric 4
#26 26Icon.png Raichu Electric 5
#26B 26BIcon.png Alolan Raichu Electric Psychic 10
#81 81Icon.png Magnemite Electric Steel 1
#82 82Icon.png Magneton Electric Steel 2
#100 100Icon.png Voltorb Electric 1
#101 101Icon.png Electrode Electric 2
#125 125Icon.png Electabuzz Electric 8
#135 135Icon.png Jolteon Electric 10
#145 145Icon.png Zapdos Electric Flying 10
#172 172Icon.png Pichu Electric 7
#179 179Icon.png Mareep Electric 1
#180 180Icon.png Flaaffy Electric 2
#181 181Icon.png Ampharos Electric 6
#239 239Icon.png Elekid Electric 7
#243 243Icon.png Raikou Electric 10
#309 309Icon.png Electrike Electric 6
#310 310Icon.png Manectric Electric 8
#311 311Icon.png Plusle Electric 6
#312 312Icon.png Minun Electric 6
#403 403Icon.png Shinx Electric 7
#404 404Icon.png Luxio Electric 8
#405 405Icon.png Luxray Electric 10
#417 417Icon.png Pachirisu Electric 8
#462 462Icon.png Magnezone Electric Steel 10
#466 466Icon.png Electivire Electric 10
#479 479Icon.png Rotom Electric Ghost 9
#479A 479AIcon.png Rotom-Wash Electric Water 10
#479B 479BIcon.png Rotom-Heat Electric Fire 10
#479C 479CIcon.png Rotom-Frost Electric Ice 10
#479D 479DIcon.png Rotom-Fan Electric Flying 10
#479E 479EIcon.png Rotom-Mow Electric Grass 10
#522 522Icon.png Blitzle Electric 7
#523 523Icon.png Zebstrika Electric 10
#587 587Icon.png Emolga Electric Flying 7
#602 602Icon.png Tynamo Electric 8
#603 603Icon.png Eelektrik Electric 10
#604 604Icon.png Eelektross Electric 10
#642 642Icon.png Thundurus Electric Flying 10
#642A 642AIcon.png Thundurus-Therian Electric Flying 10
#694 694Icon.png Helioptile Electric Normal 8
#695 695Icon.png Heliolisk Electric Normal 10
#702 702Icon.png Dedenne Electric Fairy 7
#741A 741AIcon.png Oricorio Pom-Pom Electric Flying 10
#777 777Icon.png Togedemaru Electric Steel 10
#785 785Icon.png Tapu Koko Electric Fairy 10
#796 796Icon.png Xurkitree Electric 10
#807 807Icon.png Zeraora Electric 10

Secondary-type Pokémon

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2Rarity Tier
#74A 74AIcon.png Alolan Geodude Rock Electric 10
#75A 75AIcon.png Alolan Graveler Rock Electric 10
#76A 76AIcon.png Alolan Golem Rock Electric 10
#170 170Icon.png Chinchou Water Electric 1
#171 171Icon.png Lanturn Water Electric 3
#595 595Icon.png Joltik Bug Electric 8
#596 596Icon.png Galvantula Bug Electric 10
#618 618Icon.png Stunfisk Ground Electric 8
#644 644Icon.png Zekrom Dragon Electric 10
#737 737Icon.png Charjabug Bug Electric 10
#738 738Icon.png Vikavolt Bug Electric 10


Electric is the agentive type of the paralytic status ailment; by extension, Pokémon of this type are invulnerable to affliction of it.

Whenever Rain Dance is effective, all Electric-type attacks used on the opponent will strike at a 100% rate.

Mud Sport will halve the damage-output power of all Electric-type moves for as long as it is in-effect.

MoveCategoryBase PowerAccuracyPP
Bolt Strike Physical13085%5
Charge Status—%20
Charge Beam Special5090%10
Discharge Special80100%15
Eerie Impulse Status100%15
Electric Terrain Status—%10
Electrify Status—%20
Electro Ball Special100%10
Electroweb Special5595%15
Ion Deluge Status—%25
Magnet Rise Status—%10
Magnetic Flux Status—%20
Nuzzle Physical20100%20
Parabolic Charge Special65100%20
Plasma Fists Physical100100%15
Shock Wave Special60—%20
Spark Physical65100%20
Thunder Special11070%10
Thunder Fang Physical6595%15
Thunder Punch Physical75100%15
Thunder Shock Special40100%30
Thunder Wave Status100%20
Thunderbolt Special90100%15
Volt Switch Special70100%20
Volt Tackle Physical120100%15
Wild Charge Physical90100%15
Zap Cannon Special12050%5
  All emboldened moves are broken; read their individualized pages for more information, regardingly.


Lightning RodHarnesses all Electric-type attacks into bolstering up the Special Attack stat of the possessor.
Motor DriveNullifies the damage infliction of all Electric-type moves; as a countereffect, it also quickens the possessor's Speed.
StaticPotentially paralyzes the opponent whenever contactive moves strike the possessor.
Volt AbsorbRestores HP as a countereffect of sustaining an Electric-type attack.
  • Emboldened names denote abilities that are exclusively inheritable by Electric-type Pokémon.


Item Function
Electric cloak.pngElectric cloakA specially electric-thematized cloak.
Electric Hood.pngElectric HoodA specially electric-thematized hood.
Light Ball.pngLight BallDoubly improves Pikachu's Speed and Special Attack stats whenever it is held.
Magnet.pngMagnetEnhances the damage-power output of Electric-type moves by 20%.