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Pokémon Center, also widely known as Pokécenter, is an edifice found in almost every Town/city in the mainlands of Pokémon Revolution Online. A smattering number of Pokémon Centers can be located on other maps where a decent number of players periodically visit such as Routes, Caves, Forests, Mountains and so forth. They can be identified by their red colored roof. A Pokécenter has a healing station run by a Nurse.

Here is an internal view of a Pokémon Center
Unnamed 4.jpg

Functions and Features

Healing System

All of the Pokécenter consist of an NPC--Nurse Joy; when interacted with her, provides healing service to all of the Pokémon in a player's slot. This amenity is free of charge.

Battle Connecting System

Whenever a player desires to join the Ranked Battle queue, he/she should approach a Pokécenter. For more information, please visit PvP.

Brokering (or) Trading

When an individual would be willing to trade with other individuals, Pokécenter is the pertinent place to visit. Since, trades are only do-a-ble in these Pokécenter, players are expected to do so. To trade with a player, players should type the following in the in-game chat box:- /trade <username> For more information, visit Trade

Notable NPCs

Besides Nurse Joy, other NPCs can be spotted in a Pokécenter; almost all of them don't entertain battles versus other trainers/players. Yes, there are NPCs located inside the PCs(Pokécenter) which are brokers. An NPC named Psychic Yukki can be found in some of the Pokécenter which states the remaining usable- duration of Black Medallion. There are Hidden Power Checker NPCs in almost all of the Pokécenter which claim the Hidden Power of selected Pokémon.

PC Storage System

Every Pokécenter houses a Personal Computer also abbreviated as PC. Once a player has 6 Pokémon in his party, contemporarily, the next Pokémon they obtain/capture would be directly sent to the PC. To store a Pokémon in the PC from the party, the desired Pokémon should be dragged and put into the PC's screen after one interacts with the PC. If one desires to swap two Pokémon; one in the party and one in the PC, then, one should drag the desired Pokémon from the party and should drop it on the Pokémon in the PC that should be swapped with the selected Pokémon.


A Pokécenter is the medium for transportation. Means, the Subway System and Teleportation system can be utilized by players in the PCs via which players travel and/or teleport themselves to the PCs of other towns/routes/caves/forests and whatnot. Players can refer to the Forums and discover the guide which will interpret the quest to unlock these transportation systems.


Whenever a player, gets vanquished by his/her opposition; that is, when all of the Pokémon in his/her team faint and no longer have energy to battle, the said player is teleported to his/her last visited Pokécenter. This procedure applies to almost all of the cases. If, a player has not visited any PC, it is most likely that he/she will be teleported inside his/her home.