Evolutionary Items

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Evolutionary items are instruments that induce evolution upon compatible Pokémon.

While evolutionary items are multi-methodical in how they trigger the evolution, they are all single-use; they will be expended upon successful evolution of your Pokémon. Additionally, they are usable at any level; this makes it much safer to wait until level 100 to evolve your Pokémon if you wish to train on a lesser experience-chart disparity than its evolution, as opposed to the more precarious level-up evolutions that are sometimes nixed depending on server instabilities at the juncture.

They can be subsumed into two categories: evolutionary stones and trade-evolving items; the latter will usually have secondary, in-battle functions, too, which makes them bifunctional held items.

Evolutionary stones

To use these items, simply select them from your inventory; it will trigger the evolutionary prompt wherein you can select the compatible Pokémon.

Trade-evolving items

These items must be held during a trade transaction in order for the evolution to be triggerable. Most of these also have secondary effects, typically effectuating in-battle.

Conjunctive level-up items

All items in this scope must be held in unison with the Pokémon's level-up and other specified conditions in order to trigger the evolution.

Mysterious Candy

Mysterious Candy is an item used to evolve a level 100 Pokémon that meets all its evolutionary requirements. This can be knowing a specific move, having maximum happiness, or just having reached its evolutionary level. As long as the conditions for its evolution are met, the Pokémon can evolve by using the candy from your inventory.

These candies can be purchased from the PvE coin shop for 2 PvE Coins, the PvP coin shop for 1 PvP Coin, or in any of the Department Stores for PokémonDollar.png5,000 each.