Abandoned Ship (quest)

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Abandoned Ship (quest)
Abandoned Ship (Route 108).png
Starting location
Enter the Abandoned Ship on Route 108.

The Abandoned Ship quest is an optional quest that is progressible within the domain of the Abandoned Ship—a shipwreck site that remains aground Route 108.

Instructional walkthrough

Finding the keys

Firstly, you will need to scour the ship for six keys in order to open up all the keyslots to the captain's office; all the locational specifities are outlined below. They can be found in any sequential order.

  • Behind the stack of tubes in Room 2 on the first floor (invisible)
  • Underneath the pillow on the bed in Room 1 (1F)
  • Emboxed in the crate in Room 1 (B1F)
  • Visible capsule in Room 1 (B1F)
  • Submerged in the brook of water in Room 3 (B3F)
  • Must defeat the wending Wingull on the basement-floor corridor; it will yield one of the keys thereafter.

Once you have culled all-six of the keys, you can now unlock the multi-keyslot door to the captain's office.

Battling Captain Bickerstaff

Captain Bickerstaff's office.

In the captain's office, you will find Captain Bickerstaff sauntering around—a ghostly captain that commanded the ship before its misadventurous voyage many years ago.

Once interacted with, he will accost you for unsolicitedly entering his office, and he will battle you thereafter.

Abandoned Ship (quest) Trainers
Ghost (male).png
Captain Bickerstaff
Lv. 39
Lv. 39
Lv. 40
Lv. 40

Notes: He will yield experience and Pokémoney for initial payouts; any subsequent ones, however, will have no such payouts. He also is not rechallengable after he is defeated..

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.


Retrieving the scanner in the Storage Unit room.

Once the ghostly captain has been defeated, he will brook you to loot the more valuable contents of the ship; the immediate one is the Abandoned Pokéball in the office, which will randomizedly return either Huntail or Clamperl.

Additionally, the Storage Unit room on the basement floor will now be made accessible, since the captain also rewards the key thereto. You will find the Scanner therein; while it is not immediately rewardful, it can be taken to Stern in Slateport City to obtain either a Deep Sea Scale or a Deep Sea Tooth.

The quest is now complete!

Video walkthrough