Acuity Lakefront

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Acuity Lakefront - Sinnoh


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A positional vantage point of Acuity Lakefront in Sinnoh.

Land Pokémon

Average levels


Battleable NPCs
Ground-lootable items
Berry trees

Adjacent areas

Lake Acuity
Acuity Lakefront Snowpoint City
Route 217

Acuity Lakefront is a Sinnoh area located between Route 217 and Snowpoint City. As its name suggest, it also connects to Lake Acuity. However, until the player has completed the Snowpoint City Gym, a Team Galactic Grunt will block the way to Lake Acuity.

The area does not offer anything of interest other than wild Pokémons to catch.

Wild Pokémon

PokémonLevel rangeTimesHeld ItemRarity Tier
307Icon.png Meditite 25-27 Morning Day Night Rare
164Icon.png Noctowl 35-39 Morning Day Night Common
215Icon.png Sneasel 35-39 Day Rare
361Icon.png Snorunt 35-39 Morning Day Night Uncommon
459Icon.png Snover 32-35 Morning Day Night Rare
220Icon.png Swinub 26-27 Morning Day Night Common
216Icon.png Teddiursa 35-39 Morning Day Night Uncommon
217Icon.png Ursaring 35-39 Morning Day Night Uncommon
41Icon.png Zubat 35-39 Night Common

  • Pink-colored names denote that this Pokémon is exclusively encounterable for members in this area
  • Emboldened levels indicate they are isolatable with the Repel trick


Reaper Cloth.png Reaper Cloth 1 Not respawnable Behind the large tree slightly west of the Lake Acuity entrance.
Ultra Ball.png Ultra Ball 5 Not respawnable Hidden item. At the very end of the westmost path.
Focus Sash.png Focus Sash 1 Not respawnable Hidden item. On the small rock between the two trees in the north-east wall of the route.