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This area is part of Breezy Town, the Spring event map. As such, its accessibility is limited to its opening times, which are between April and May.

Breezy Town - Kanto


Breezy Town.png

Breezy Town is an event map which firstly opened during Spring 2019. It can be accessed by talking to Sailor Richard in various ports, namely Vermilion City, Olivine City, Lilycove City and Canalave City. This brings the player to Breezy Town Harbor. When speaking to Sailor Richard again, he will return the player to the city he/she originally came from.

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Notable Miscellaneous

Shaymin (quest)

Main article: Shaymin (quest)

During the Easter event, you may catch Shaymin by finishing its quest. It will have an Easter form.


At the left part, starting from the entrance of Breezy Town, there is a crystal shard collector named Hammond. He will ask you to collect Breezy Crystal Shards from Breezy Cave. For every shard you give to him, he will reward you with 25 Easter Tokens.

Inside Breezy Cave, there are several shiny rocks with a "sleepy" emote above them, indicating that they are special. In order to obtain the shards from the rocks, you either need a Pickaxe or a Pokémon with the move Rock Smash in its moveset. Also, the Rock Smash Pokémon must fulfill the requirement of 150+ Happiness. The cooldown of the rocks is 72 hours (3 days).

Aside from Breezy Crystal Shards, you can also find Mirror Shards in the crystals. Furthermore, there are several types of Breezy Crystal Shards you can obtain from said crystals. Hammond will only accept the pink ones.


Within the Breezy Cave crystals, you can find crystal shards of several colors.
You can give the Jeweler these shards along with a small amount of money and he will make special Pokéballs. The ones you can see below.

Cherish Balls will require 3 red shards and PokémonDollar.png1,500
Friend Balls will require 2 green shards, 1 blue shard, and PokémonDollar.png1,000
Luxury Balls will require 1 red shard, 1 blue shard, 1 pink shard, and PokémonDollar.png1,500
Premier Balls will require 1 red shard, 1 blue shard, 1 green shard, and PokémonDollar.png1,000

The colored shards can also be used turn your Diancie into one of the Easter forms below.

Easter Egg Hunt

To start the Easter Egg hunt quest, visit Franco, the Egg master in Breezy House 2. He will then reward you based on the amount of egg baskets you find. They scale as following:

The Egg Baskets can be in the various, surrounding areas of Breezy Town and Suzuka Town.

Gracidea flower

In order to acquire Gracidea flower, which is originally used to switch Shaymin's form to Shaymin-Sky, the player needs to follow this procedure:

  • Step one: Speak to Mayor Chris in Breezy House 1, select the 3rd option which talks about the Spring festival.
  • Step two: After a part of the dialogue, select the "Shaymin!?!" option.
  • Step three: Talk to the right bookshelf inside the house, after finishing the dialogue. Click "Yes" and read the dialogue carefully.
  • Step four: Find the pink grass patch in Breezy Path and walk over it.
  • Step five: Acquire a Pokemon with Magical leaf in its moveset and 100 Oran berries in your inventory. Return to Breezy Path on top of the pink grass patch.
  • Step six: Check your inventory (Key Items category) to see if Gracidea item is in your possession.

Spring Brushes

At the right part, starting from the entrance of Breezy Town, there is an artist named Daniel. He will ask you to collect some of his brushes that wild Pokemon stole from him. There are 4 colored brushes in total:

  • Spring Brush Blue
  • Spring Brush Green
  • Spring Brush Red
  • Spring Brush Yellow

Each day, he will ask you to bring him from 4 to 6 brushes of a random color (Example: Day 1: 3x Spring Brush Green, 1x Spring Brush Blue. Day 2: 4x Spring Brush Blue, 1x Spring Brush Green, and so goes on). The reward you get is from 100 to 150 Easter Tokens. The cooldown of this quest is 24 hours (1 day) after accepting his request. The Pokemon that may hold these items are the following:

Task Master Hank

At the left part, starting from the entrance of Breezy Town, there is a person called Task Master Hank. He will ask you to hunt for a specific Pokemon per time, and then show it to him. The Pokemon list is the following:

The requirements for this hunt are:

  • The Pokemon must be caught after the task is given
  • The player needs to be the OT.
  • Of course, you need to show the Pokemon in question.


  • Easter Tokens = (Total IVs / 2) (Example: A normal Togepi with 100 Total IVs will give you 50 Easter Tokens)


  • Easter Tokens = Easter Tokens + (5 × Identical IVs)
  • Easter Tokens = Easter Tokens + (5 × amount of IVs below 09)
  • Easter Tokens = Easter Tokens + (5 × amount of IVs above 20)
  • Easter Tokens = Easter Tokens + 40, if the Pokemon has perfect IVs (6x31)
  • Easter Tokens = Easter Tokens + 40, if the Pokemon has reverse-perfect IVs (6x01)
  • Easter Tokens = Easter Tokens × 1.5, if the Pokemon has an Easter sprite
  • Easter Tokens = Easter Tokens × 2, if the Pokemon has a Shiny sprite

Failure to complete the task upon given time will not go on cooldown. Instead, Task Master Hank will proceed on offering another task. Bonuses stack!

Easter Tokens

Easter Tokens can be acquired by completing the following actions:

  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Crystal shard collection
  • Spring Brushes
  • Task Master Hank

For more information, refer to the abovementioned paragraph each quest has. At this point, there are several ways to spend these Easter Tokens, one of which has to do with Easter Togekiss mounts. Influenced from the Easter Event of 2018, different color variations of Togekiss were transformed into mounts, used for transportation-on-land purposes. The mounts are the following:

  • Togekiss Caramel mount
  • Togekiss Chocolate mount
  • Togekiss Cotton Candy mount
  • Togekiss Mint mount
  • Togekiss Strawberry mount
  • Togekiss Vanilla mount

Each mount costs 2000 Easter tokens. In order to exchange your tokens for a mount, you need to talk to Monty in Breezy Tower 2F. From now on, if you were not satisfied with your current Togekiss mount / you picked the wrong one, you may talk to Mount trader NPC who will give you another chance of picking the one you like / the correct one. For a preview of each mount, make sure to check the Mount Showcase guide in Forums.

Breezy Tower

After an update, Breezy Tower 3F is open and now offers a variety of items, from EV-training Berries to evolutionary items. Here's the list of all the items provided per shop.

Barry (Berry Shop):

Oran Berry.pngOran Berry2
Leppa Berry.pngLeppa Berry3
Sitrus Berry.pngSitrus Berry3
Cheri Berry.pngCheri Berry4
Pecha Berry.pngPecha Berry4
Rawst Berry.pngRawst Berry4
Aspear Berry.pngAspear Berry4
Chesto Berry.pngChesto Berry4
Persim Berry.pngPersim Berry4
Babiri Berry.pngBabiri Berry5
Charti Berry.pngCharti Berry5
Chilan Berry.pngChilan Berry5
Chople Berry.pngChople Berry5
Coba Berry.pngCoba Berry5
Colbur Berry.pngColbur Berry5
Haban Berry.pngHaban Berry5
Kasib Berry.pngKasib Berry5
Kebia Berry.pngKebia Berry5
Occa Berry.pngOcca Berry5
Passho Berry.pngPassho Berry5
Payapa Berry.pngPayapa Berry5
Rindo Berry.pngRindo Berry5
Shuca Berry.pngShuca Berry5
Tanga Berry.pngTanga Berry5
Wacan Berry.pngWacan Berry5
Yache Berry.pngYache Berry5
Grepa Berry.pngGrepa Berry8
Hondew Berry.pngHondew Berry8
Kelpsy Berry.pngKelpsy Berry8
Lum Berry.pngLum Berry8
Tamato Berry.pngTamato Berry8
Qualot Berry.pngQualot Berry8

  • Easter Tokens are the currency of this shop.

Diana (Adventurer's Shop):

Paralyze Heal.pngParalyze Heal2
Burn Heal.pngBurn Heal3
Ice Heal.pngIce Heal3
Super Repel.pngSuper Repel5
Escape Rope.pngEscape Rope6
Full Heal.pngFull Heal6
Max Repel.pngMax Repel7
Super Potion.pngSuper Potion2
Max Elixir.pngMax Elixir22
Max Potion.pngMax Potion25
Full Restore.pngFull Restore30
Revival Herb.pngRevival Herb30
Rare Candy.pngRare Candy60
HP Up.pngHP Up80
PP Up.pngPP Up80

  • Easter Tokens are the currency of this shop.

Cole (Pokeball Shop):

Great Ball.pngGreat Ball6
Ultra Ball.pngUltra Ball12
Fast Ball.pngFast Ball15
Friend Ball.pngFriend Ball15
Level Ball.pngLevel Ball15
Lure Ball.pngLure Ball15
Moon Ball.pngMoon Ball15
Nest Ball.pngNest Ball15
Net Ball.pngNet Ball15
Repeat Ball.pngRepeat Ball15

  • Easter Tokens are the currency of this shop.

Hector (Evolutionary Items Shop):

Fire Stone.pngFire Stone20
Leaf Stone.pngLeaf Stone20
Thunder Stone.pngThunder Stone20
Water Stone.pngWater Stone20
Moon Stone.pngMoon Stone25
Sun Stone.pngSun Stone25
Dawn Stone.pngDawn Stone30
Dusk Stone.pngDusk Stone30
Shiny Stone.pngShiny Stone50
Deep Sea Scale.pngDeep Sea Scale250
Deep Sea Tooth.pngDeep Sea Tooth250
King's Rock.pngKing's Rock250
Metal Coat.pngMetal Coat250
Oval Stone.pngOval Stone500
Razor Claw.pngRazor Claw500
Razor Fang.pngRazor Fang500
Prism Scale.pngPrism Scale1000
Reaper Cloth.pngReaper Cloth1000
Dubious Disc.pngDubious Disc1500

  • Easter Tokens are the currency of this shop.

Betty (Battle Gear Shop):

Air Balloon.pngAir Balloon40
Focus Sash.pngFocus Sash40
Power Herb.pngPower Herb40
White Herb.pngWhite Herb40
Damp Rock.pngDamp Rock200
Heat Rock.pngHeat Rock200
Icy Rock.pngIcy Rock200
Smooth Rock.pngSmooth Rock200

  • Easter Tokens are the currency of this shop.

Tammy (Technical Machine Shop):

TM-Normal.pngTM2 - Razor Wind20
TM-Normal.pngTM4 - Whirlwind20
TM-Normal.pngTM37 - Egg Bomb20
TM-Normal.pngTM41 - Soft-Boiled20
TM-Water.pngTM11 - Bubble Beam50
TM-Ice.pngTM13 - Ice Beam50
TM-Grass.pngTM21 - Mega Drain50
TM-Electric.pngTM24 - Thunderbolt50
TM-Ground.pngTM28 - Dig50
TM-Fighting.pngTM81 - Brick Break50
TM-Fire.pngTM85 - Flamethrower50
TM-Dark.pngTM96 - Thief50
TM-Normal.pngTM104 - False Swipe50
TM-Fighting.pngTM114 - Rock Smash50

  • Easter Tokens are the currency of this shop.


PokémonLevel rangeTimesHeld ItemRarity Tier
69Icon.png Bellsprout 17-21 Morning Day Night Common
427Icon.png Buneary 17-21 Morning Day Night Rare
102Icon.png Exeggcute 17-21 Morning Day Night Uncommon
636Icon.png Larvesta 17-19 Morning Day Night Rare
172Icon.png Pichu 17-21 Morning Day Night Rare
300Icon.png Skitty 17-21 Morning Day Night Uncommon
263Icon.png Zigzagoon 17-21 Morning Day Night Spring Brush Red Common

  • Pink-colored names denote that this Pokémon is exclusively encounterable for members in this area
  • Emboldened levels indicate they are isolatable with the Repel trick