Focus Blast

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Focus Blast
Element Type
Statistical Attributes
Base Power
Move tutor

Focus Blast is a Fighting-type damage-dealing move.


Focus Blast inflicts damage with a 10%-chance secondary effect of downscaling the opponent's Special Defense stat by one stage.

Bulletproof-possessors are immunized to this attack.



No.PokémonType 1Type 2Level
717 717Icon.png Yveltal Dark Flying 72

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.


No.PokémonType 1Type 2
006 6Icon.png Charizard Fire Flying
009 9Icon.png Blastoise Water
026 26Icon.png Raichu Electric
26B 26BIcon.png Alolan Raichu Electric Psychic
028 28Icon.png Sandslash Ground
28A 28AIcon.png Alolan Sandslash Ice Steel
031 31Icon.png Nidoqueen Poison Ground
034 34Icon.png Nidoking Poison Ground
036 36Icon.png Clefable Fairy
040 40Icon.png Wigglytuff Normal Fairy
055 55Icon.png Golduck Water
056 56Icon.png Mankey Fighting
057 57Icon.png Primeape Fighting
062 62Icon.png Poliwrath Water Fighting
065 65Icon.png Alakazam Psychic
066 66Icon.png Machop Fighting
067 67Icon.png Machoke Fighting
068 68Icon.png Machamp Fighting
076 76Icon.png Golem Rock Ground
76A 76AIcon.png Alolan Golem Rock Electric
080 80Icon.png Slowbro Water Psychic
089 89Icon.png Muk Poison
89A 89AIcon.png Alolan Muk Poison Dark
094 94Icon.png Gengar Ghost Poison
097 97Icon.png Hypno Psychic
105 105Icon.png Marowak Ground
105A 105AIcon.png Alolan Marowak Fire Ghost
106 106Icon.png Hitmonlee Fighting
107 107Icon.png Hitmonchan Fighting
112 112Icon.png Rhydon Ground Rock
115 115Icon.png Kangaskhan Normal
122 122Icon.png Mr. Mime Psychic Fairy
124 124Icon.png Jynx Ice Psychic
125 125Icon.png Electabuzz Electric
126 126Icon.png Magmar Fire
127 127Icon.png Pinsir Bug
143 143Icon.png Snorlax Normal
149 149Icon.png Dragonite Dragon Flying
150 150Icon.png Mewtwo Psychic
151 151Icon.png Mew Psychic
157 157Icon.png Typhlosion Fire
160 160Icon.png Feraligatr Water
162 162Icon.png Furret Normal
166 166Icon.png Ledian Bug Flying
181 181Icon.png Ampharos Electric
184 184Icon.png Azumarill Water Fairy
186 186Icon.png Politoed Water
195 195Icon.png Quagsire Water Ground
199 199Icon.png Slowking Water Psychic
210 210Icon.png Granbull Fairy
214 214Icon.png Heracross Bug Fighting
217 217Icon.png Ursaring Normal
241 241Icon.png Miltank Normal
242 242Icon.png Blissey Normal
248 248Icon.png Tyranitar Rock Dark
254 254Icon.png Sceptile Grass
256 256Icon.png Combusken Fire Fighting
257 257Icon.png Blaziken Fire Fighting
260 260Icon.png Swampert Water Ground
272 272Icon.png Ludicolo Water Grass
275 275Icon.png Shiftry Grass Dark
282 282Icon.png Gardevoir Psychic Fairy
286 286Icon.png Breloom Grass Fighting
288 288Icon.png Vigoroth Normal
289 289Icon.png Slaking Normal
295 295Icon.png Exploud Normal
296 296Icon.png Makuhita Fighting
297 297Icon.png Hariyama Fighting
303 303Icon.png Mawile Steel Fairy
306 306Icon.png Aggron Steel Rock
307 307Icon.png Meditite Fighting Psychic
308 308Icon.png Medicham Fighting Psychic
326 326Icon.png Grumpig Psychic
332 332Icon.png Cacturne Grass Dark
335 335Icon.png Zangoose Normal
377 377Icon.png Regirock Rock
378 378Icon.png Regice Ice
379 379Icon.png Registeel Steel
383 383Icon.png Groudon Ground
384 384Icon.png Rayquaza Dragon Flying
386 386Icon.png Deoxys Psychic
391 391Icon.png Monferno Fire Fighting
392 392Icon.png Infernape Fire Fighting
409 409Icon.png Rampardos Rock
419 419Icon.png Floatzel Water
428 428Icon.png Lopunny Normal
447 447Icon.png Riolu Fighting
448 448Icon.png Lucario Fighting Steel
453 453Icon.png Croagunk Poison Fighting
454 454Icon.png Toxicroak Poison Fighting
460 460Icon.png Abomasnow Grass Ice
461 461Icon.png Weavile Dark Ice
463 463Icon.png Lickilicky Normal
464 464Icon.png Rhyperior Ground Rock
465 465Icon.png Tangrowth Grass
466 466Icon.png Electivire Electric
467 467Icon.png Magmortar Fire
475 475Icon.png Gallade Psychic Fighting
477 477Icon.png Dusknoir Ghost
484 484Icon.png Palkia Water Dragon
486 486Icon.png Regigigas Normal
491 491Icon.png Darkrai Dark
493 493Icon.png Arceus Normal
494 494Icon.png Victini Psychic Fire
499 499Icon.png Pignite Fire Fighting
500 500Icon.png Emboar Fire Fighting
505 505Icon.png Watchog Normal
512 512Icon.png Simisage Grass
514 514Icon.png Simisear Fire
516 516Icon.png Simipour Water
530 530Icon.png Excadrill Ground Steel
532 532Icon.png Timburr Fighting
533 533Icon.png Gurdurr Fighting
534 534Icon.png Conkeldurr Fighting
537 537Icon.png Seismitoad Water Ground
538 538Icon.png Throh Fighting
539 539Icon.png Sawk Fighting
553 553Icon.png Krookodile Ground Dark
555 555Icon.png Darmanitan Fire
559 559Icon.png Scraggy Dark Fighting
560 560Icon.png Scrafty Dark Fighting
565 565Icon.png Carracosta Water Rock
567 567Icon.png Archeops Rock Flying
569 569Icon.png Garbodor Poison
571 571Icon.png Zoroark Dark
573 573Icon.png Cinccino Normal
579 579Icon.png Reuniclus Psychic
589 589Icon.png Escavalier Bug Steel
612 612Icon.png Haxorus Dragon
614 614Icon.png Beartic Ice
617 617Icon.png Accelgor Bug
619 619Icon.png Mienfoo Fighting
620 620Icon.png Mienshao Fighting
621 621Icon.png Druddigon Dragon
622 622Icon.png Golett Ground Ghost
623 623Icon.png Golurk Ground Ghost
625 625Icon.png Bisharp Dark Steel
631 631Icon.png Heatmor Fire
635 635Icon.png Hydreigon Dark Dragon
638 638Icon.png Cobalion Steel Fighting
639 639Icon.png Terrakion Rock Fighting
640 640Icon.png Virizion Grass Fighting
641 641Icon.png Tornadus Flying
642 642Icon.png Thundurus Electric Flying
643 643Icon.png Reshiram Dragon Fire
644 644Icon.png Zekrom Dragon Electric
645 645Icon.png Landorus Ground Flying
646 646Icon.png Kyurem Dragon Ice
647 647Icon.png Keldeo Water Fighting
648 648Icon.png Meloetta Normal Psychic
652 652Icon.png Chesnaught Grass Fighting
675 675Icon.png Pangoro Fighting Dark
689 689Icon.png Barbaracle Rock Water
691 691Icon.png Dragalge Poison Dragon
693 693Icon.png Clawitzer Water
695 695Icon.png Heliolisk Electric Normal
701 701Icon.png Hawlucha Fighting Flying
706 706Icon.png Goodra Dragon
709 709Icon.png Trevenant Ghost Grass
711 711Icon.png Gourgeist Ghost Grass
715 715Icon.png Noivern Flying Dragon
716 716Icon.png Xerneas Fairy
717 717Icon.png Yveltal Dark Flying
718 718Icon.png Zygarde Dragon Ground
720 720Icon.png Hoopa Psychic Ghost
721 721Icon.png Volcanion Fire Water

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.