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Mauville City - Hoenn


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Mauville City Gym

Type specialty
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Battleable NPCs
Ground-lootable items
Berry trees

Adjacent areas

Route 111 South
Route 117 Mauville City Route 118
Route 110

Mauville City is a Hoenn town serving as an intersection between Route 110, Route 111 South, Route 117 and Route 118. However, moving up north to Route 111 South will not be possible until obtaining the local badge.

The city being in the center of many places, it is also one of the major cities of the region, and as such is equipped with many important NPCs, most of them being reiterations from previous regions.

Notable miscellanies

Bike Shop

Located in the north-east of Mauville City, the Bike Shop is the place to handle Bicycle in Hoenn. In case a Bicycle was not bought back in the previous regions, the Bike Salesman will be selling one.

If the player already has a Bicycle, Bike Mechanic Ryan will offer to change its color between Red, Blue, Green and Yellow for the price of PokémonDollar.png 10,000.

PvP Coin Master

Main article: PvP Coins

Kanto's iteration of the PvP Coin Master will exchange prizes in return for PvP Coins—a currency that is attained from winning ranked PvP battles.

TMs Sellers

Rock Smash

In the south-eastmost house is located Nerd Julian, who will sell TM114 (Rock Smash) for the price of PokémonDollar.png5,000 each.

TM Vendor

In the Game Corner, the south-westmost building, is located TM Vendor Ferry. He will sell a variety of TMs, with most of them being previously available in previous regions. It is not recommended to purchase the first 4 listed TMs however, as they can be bought for cheaper.

TM-Fire.pngTM85 - FlamethrowerPokémonDollar.png5,000
TM-Psychic.pngTM29 - PsychicPokémonDollar.png5,000
TM-Electric.pngTM24 - ThunderboltPokémonDollar.png5,000
TM-Ice.pngTM13 - Ice BeamPokémonDollar.png5,000
TM-Dragon.pngTM52 - Dragon ClawPokémonDollar.png3,500
TM-Electric.pngTM122 - Volt SwitchPokémonDollar.png2,500

Rachel's Friends Quest (Kylo)

The third friend of Rachel can be found in one of the buildings of Mauville city, namely either the Game Corner, the Bike Shop or the south-eastmost house. He will trade the player's Pokeball for a Potion.

The next friend to find will be Charlie, who can be found in one of the three parts of Route 111, Route 111 South, Route 111 North or Route 111 Desert.

Caught Date Checker

The Caught Date Checker is staying in the back of the Pokemon Center. He will determine the exact time a Pokémon as been caught at.

Legendary Reroll

Hidden behind the fences in the south-east is Psychic Marina, an NPC that appears once per region. She will reroll the IV points or Nature of any Legendary Pokémon for a Reroll Ticket or Nature Reroll Ticket, respectively. This is particularly useful if a Legendary Pokémon has received bad IVs or Nature, however there is no guarantee that it will become better; in fact, it is possible to reroll the exact same Nature.

Wild Pokémon

Headbuttable Trees

Headbuttable Tree.png
Pokémon LevelsRarity Tier
278Icon.png Wingull 5-10 Common
331Icon.png Cacnea 5-10 Common
313Icon.png Volbeat 5-10 Common
261Icon.png Poochyena 5-10 Common
274Icon.png Nuzleaf 5-10 Intermediate
396Icon.png Starly 5-10 Rare



Mauville City Mart
Great Ball.pngGreat BallPokémonDollar.png600
Super Potion.pngSuper PotionPokémonDollar.png700
Paralyze Heal.pngParalyze HealPokémonDollar.png200
Burn Heal.pngBurn HealPokémonDollar.png250
Ice Heal.pngIce HealPokémonDollar.png250
Escape Rope.pngEscape RopePokémonDollar.png550

Mauville Gym

Mauville Gym with numbered switches and wallss

Mauville Gym will initially be blocked by Wally. Unlike most gyms which require to complete a quest in a different area, it is only necessary to fight and win against Wally this time.

The gym's layout is surely the most complicated gym puzzle seen up to that point. There are a total of 4 switches, noted by a red 1 to 4 in the provided picture, as well as 6 switchable walls, noted by a blue 1 to 6 in the provided picture. When entering the gym, the walls 1, 3, 4 and 5 will be activated, with an additional wall that cannot be deactivated. Each switch has two states which affects different switches:

  • Switch 1: [4-X, 5-O, 6-X] or [3-X, 5-X, 6-O]
  • Switch 2: [1-X, 2-O] or [1-O, 2-X]
  • Switch 3: [4-X, 5-O] or [4-O, 5-X]
  • Switch 4: [5-X, 6-O] or [5-O, 6-X]

There are two things to note: Switch 1 toggles Walls 5 and 6, while deactivating Walls 3 and 4. Meanwhile, only Switch 2 can deactivate Wall 1, as such the goal is to activate Switch 2 while there is a path available to reach Wall 1. As such, the optimal path is the following:

  • Switch 3 until Wall 4 is deactivated
  • Switch 1 twice, then until Wall 6 is deactivated
  • Switch 3
  • Switch 2 until Wall 1 is deactivated

The puzzle resets when entering the Pokemon Center. However, the state of the switches do not reset, hence why a switch may require one or two presses.

After passing Wall 1, all the walls will automatically deactivate, making it easy to leave the gym. However, the walls will reset upon leaving the gym.

Upon defeating Wattson, the player will obtain the Dynamo Badge and the gym-greeter will start selling TM134 (Shock Wave), the price being special offer of PokémonDollar.png1750 for one the first time, then regular price of PokémonDollar.png3500 for one and discounted price of PokémonDollar.png14000 for five afterwards.

Gym trainers

Mauville City Gym Trainers
Guitarist Kirk
Youngster Ben
Bug Maniac.png
Bug Maniac Angelo
Battle Guy.png
Battle Guy Ron
Guitarist Shawn
  • All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.
  • Gym-NPC levels are not known; as such, no level data is displayed hereon.


Wattson is known to be a difficult Gym Leader with his hard to resist Electric team, and it's no different in Pokémon Revolution Online. It is most easily done with a Marshtomp as it can resist almost every attack while hitting hard, but for those that did not pick Mudkip or don't want to evolve it early, other Pokémon might be best to choose. Grass types may resist the powerful Electric easily, but will likely do little against Magneton, while suffering lots from his Voltorb and Manectric. Most Ground types available are also Rock type while having very low Special Defense, making them vulnerable to Magneton's Flash Cannon. The best recommendation would be to bring a Diglett from Granite Cave and aim to outspeed and defeat all of Wattson's Pokémon in one hit with a Ground move, but one should remain wary of his Magneton's Sturdy ability.

  • Emboldened moves avail from a STAB bonus when deployed by that Pokémon.
  • Italicized moves are functionally broken; see their individualized pages for more information.

NPC Trainers

Mauville City Trainers
Lv. ??

Notes: This trainer awards no experience nor money, and can only be fought once. It is necessary to defeat him to enter the gym.

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.