Verdanturf Town

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Verdanturf Town - Hoenn



Adjacent areas

Rusturf Tunnel Verdanturf Town Route 117

Verdanturf Town is a Hoenn town located between Rusturf Tunnel and Route 117. Being a peaceful, optional town, there is nothing of interest. Even the Contest Hall has been reconverted into a functionless Battle Tent.

Notable miscellanies

Fury Cutter Tutor

A Move Tutor for the more Fury Cutter is located on the upper floor of the Pokémon Center. He will teach the move to any compatible Pokémon for the price of PokémonDollar.png2,000. However, he will only teach it 3 times per week. He also says that after those three times, it is possible to pay using 3 Red Shards and 2 Blue Shards, however these two items do not exist in Pokemon Revolution Online.

Professor Birch (boss)

In the middle south house is located Professor Birch. He will fight the player if he or she has a full party of 6 level 100 Pokémon. See the main article for more information.

Main article: Professor Birch (boss)


In Verdanturf House 1, you will be able to purchase a Bicycle for PokémonDollar.png75,000. Provided you don't already have one.



Verdanturf Town Mart
Great Ball.pngGreat BallPokémonDollar.png600
Hyper Potion.pngHyper PotionPokémonDollar.png1,200
Paralyze Heal.pngParalyze HealPokémonDollar.png200
Burn Heal.pngBurn HealPokémonDollar.png250
Ice Heal.pngIce HealPokémonDollar.png250
Escape Rope.pngEscape RopePokémonDollar.png550
Super Repel.pngSuper RepelPokémonDollar.png500