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Hoenn Walkthrough
Starting location
Littleroot Town.

Hoenn is one of the mainland regions that is currently playable in Pokémon Revolution Online.

By virtue of the regional linearity of the game's storyline wherein regions are traveled to in generational succession, it is the third region that players venture into. It is the predecessive region of Sinnoh, which will be made travelable after all-eight badges have been acquired and its Elite Four bureau has been vanquished.

It is inhabited predominantly by Generation III Pokémon, being the native land of them. While a smattering of post-generational Pokémon are interspersed throughout the wild, Generation IV Pokémon and onwards, as well as Generation I and Generation II Pokémon, will be mostly unacquirable until successive regions are completed.

Littleroot Town

After speaking to Hoenn Traveler Charles in Indigo Plateau, you will be teleported to Littleroot Town, where you will begin your Hoenn adventure.

Head to Professor Birch's House and talk to him. After receiving a request to find his daughter, May, he will let you choose your starter Pokémon. You can choose from Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip.

Route 101

This is the first route of the Hoenn region. Like every other starting route, it has nothing to offer aside from a few trainers.

Oldale Town

Oldale Town will be the first town you visit on your journey, but there is nothing exciting here. You will not be able to go west yet, as it will be blocked by a scientist. Head north to Route 103 to continue the story.

Route 103 and Route 102

On the north part of this route, you will find May. She will ask for a battle and will return to Professor Birch once defeated.

Now head back to Oldale Town and go west, to Route 102. Go through the route to reach Petalburg City.

Petalburg City

As soon as you enter the city, a NPC named Wally will challenge you to a battle. After defeating him, head over to the Gym and speak with Norman. Although this is the first Gym you come across, he will insist that you acquire 5 badges before battling him. So, you must move on to the west, entering Route 104.

Route 104

Route 104 is split up into two sections by Petalburg Woods. The southern part will have a sole house, which will become useful a little later on. For now, head north into Petalburg Woods.

Petalburg Woods

As you make your way through the forest, you will find a Scientist NPC being attacking by Team Magma and Team Aqua grunts. After saving the scientist, keep going through the forest and exit it to reach the northern part of Route 104. Keep going north and you will get to Rustboro City.

Rustboro City

Rustboro City is home to the first badge of the Hoenn region. Roxanne, the Gym Leader, uses Rock type Pokémon.

Stone Badge Icon.pngRoxanne
Type TownBadge
RockRustboro CityStone Badge

Route 116

Once the Stone Badge has been obtained, exit the Gym and speak with the NPC at the entrance. He will explain that the Devon Goods have been stolen from him. Head to Route 116, which is to the east of Rustboro City. Go straight through Route 116 until you reach a cave entrance. Before entering, an old man will plea to you to save his dear Wingull, named Peeko, who is inside the cave.

Enter the cave and you will find a Team Magma grunt, talk to and defeat him. A Team Aqua grunt will appear after the Magma grunt has been taken cave of and he too will challenge you. Once both grunts have been disposed of, you will have successfully saved Peeko and retrieved the Devon Goods.

Return the Devon Goods to the scientist NPC in Rustboro City, then go inside the Devon Corp building to speak with Mr. Stone. The Devon Corp building is to the left of the Gym. Mr. Stone will request that you deliver a letter to his son, Steven, in Granite Cave.

Now, you must backtrack to the southern part of Route 104 and enter the single house there. Inside it, you will find Peeko and the old man. He will take you to Dewford Town for a price of PokémonDollar.png2,500.

Dewford Town

Dewford Town is home to the second badge of the Hoenn region. However, the Gym will not be accessible when you first arrive. Go north and then west to reach Granite Cave.

Granite Cave

Granite Cave is the first major cave you can enter in Hoenn. It will be dark, so bringing a Pokémon with Flash or having a Flashlight is recommended. There is not much here, just wild spawns, items, and trainers.

At the very end of the cave, Steven will be there. He will accept the letter and leave. The Gym will now be open.

Brawly, the Dewford Gym Leader, uses Fighting type Pokémon.

Knuckle Badge Icon.pngBrawly
Type TownBadge
FightingDewford TownKnuckle Badge

After obtaining the Knuckle Badge, speak with the NPC that brought you to Dewford. He will now have the option to go to Slateport City. But before doing so, return to Rustboro City and speak with Mr. Stone again. He will give you the Devon Goods to deliver to the shipyard in Slateport City.

Slateport City

Route 110

Mauville City

Route 111, Route 112, and Route 113

Fallarbor Town

Route 114

Mt. Chimney

Lavaridge Town

Petalburg City

Route 118, Route 119A, and Route 119B

Fortree City

Route 120 and Route 121

Mt. Pyre

Jagged Pass

Lilycove City

Team Aqua Hideout

Route 124

Mossdeep City

Route 126, Route 127, and Route 128

Team Aqua Underwater Hideout

Sootopolis City

Route 129, Route 130, and Route 131

Sky Pillar and Moon

Ever Grande City and Victory Road Hoenn

Hoenn League