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Birth Island - Kanto


Birth Island.png



A positional vantage point of Birth Island in Kanto.

Birth Island is a location near Six Island and Seven Island in the Sevii Islands archipelago.

The player cannot access the Island without a Mysterious Ticket, which can be earned through completing a World Quest [1].

Birth Island is different from the original game as it does not host the Pokémon Deoxys [2]

The Island has been coded differently on PRO and only serves as a spawn place for a Pseudo-Legendary or a Legendary once the player arrives.

Traveling to Birth Island

In order to get access to the Island, the player would need to be a Sinnoh champion.

Mysterious Captain at Vermillon City docks.

Travel to Vermillion City and speak with the Mysterious Captain found on the docks (near Sevii Islands NPC).

If the player does not possess a Mysterious Ticket when interacting with the NPC, it would tell the player to go away.

Once a Mysterious Ticket is used, it will have a 24-hour cooldown before you can access the Island again.

Requirements to spawning a Legendary

To be able to spawn a Legendary, the player would need to have caught one of its counterparts before arriving on the Island.

If the player meets the requirements to spawn a Legendary, it has a 50/50 chance to spawn a pseudo-legendary instead, to make up for this awesome feature.

What if the player does not meet the requirements to spawn a legendary?

If the player does not meet the requirements to spawn a legendary, it will just spawn a pseudo-legendary instead.

Birth Island Spawns

The Pokémon that spawn on the Island is catchable and the player can return to Vermilion City to get their Sync before battling it.

How to leave?

Talk to the Mysterious Captain, he would ask you if you want to go back.

You can at any time return to the Island, as long as you have not interacted with the Pokémon.

IMPORTANT: Interacting with the Pokemon will trigger the battle and running away/disconnecting will result in losing the Pokémon

Note that if the Pokémon that spawns requires its Hidden Ability, then it will be guaranteed to have it; conversely,

if the Pokémon does not need its Hidden Ability, then it will not spawn with it.

The Pokémon that spawns cannot be a Shiny.


Here is a list of all the Pseudo-Legendaries that can currently spawn on the Island.

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2
#149 149Icon.png Dragonite Dragon Flying
#445 445Icon.png Garchomp Dragon Ground
#706 706Icon.png Goodra Dragon
#635 635Icon.png Hydreigon Dark Dragon
#448 448Icon.png Lucario Fighting Steel
#376 376Icon.png Metagross Steel Psychic
#479 479Icon.png Rotom Electric Ghost
#373 373Icon.png Salamence Dragon Flying
#248 248Icon.png Tyranitar Rock Dark
#637 637Icon.png Volcarona Bug Fire
#571 571Icon.png Zoroark Dark


A list with all currently supported Legendaries that can be spawned on the Island.

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2
#244 244Icon.png Entei Fire
#243 243Icon.png Raikou Electric
#245 245Icon.png Suicune Water
#380 380Icon.png Latias Dragon Psychic
#381 381Icon.png Latios Dragon Psychic
#378 378Icon.png Regice Ice
#377 377Icon.png Regirock Rock
#379 379Icon.png Registeel Steel
#482 482Icon.png Azelf Psychic
#481 481Icon.png Mesprit Psychic
#480 480Icon.png Uxie Psychic
#791 791Icon.png Solgaleo Psychic Steel
#792 792Icon.png Lunala Psychic Ghost