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World Quest is a server-wide mini-event that transpires on the first of each month. The purpose is to reach an IV goal, which is often around 150.000 - 180.00 IV's.


The World Quest is an event that includes everyone in a server. There is no need to "start" it; you are able to participate without doing anything prior. Players are meant to hunt and submit the Pokémon that was announced, which is announced in-game via a System Message and in the Official PRO Discord server. Along with the Pokémon, the IV requirements are announced, which is usually from 150,000 to 180,000 total IVs.
The World Quest ends after either 24 hours have passed or if the IV goal is met. If the 24 hours pass and the IV goal is not met, then no rewards are given—regardless of contributions.

Mysterious Cultist at Vermillon City.


Every Pokémon that gets submitted gets permanently deleted; you will not be able to get it back after submitting it. Therefore, think twice before giving the Mysterious Cultist your godly Pokémon.

Mysterious Cultists in any port city (Vermilion City, Olivine City, Lilycove City, and Canalave City) will take your submissions. You can only submit Pokémon you caught after the start of the quest and they must be your OT(Original Trainer), which means they must be caught on your account. After submitting your Pokémon, it will count towards the total IVs required and to how much you have contributed.


Once the World Quest has ended, speak with any Mysterious Cultist and he will give you your reward(s) on the condition that you contributed sufficient IVs. As mentioned above, if the server does not reach the IV goal, then no one gets any rewards. Furthermore, an individual must contribute at least 0.5% of the total IVs required in order to claim a Mysterious Ticket. If an individual contributes 3% or more, then they will receive 2 Mysterious Tickets.

This is how a Mysterious Ticket looks like.

H. Ackerman

H. Ackerman is a NPC found in Vermilion City. He will offer various services in exchange for Mysterious Tickets. These include

  • Transit Pass for 30 days
  • Access to Guild Island (if a guild donates 20 Mysterious Tickets)
  • Ability to fight 40 bosses a week instead of 20

Birth Island

To access Birth Island you must be Sinnoh champion.

Mysterious Tickets can be used with the Mysterious Sailor in Vermilion City harbor. The sailor will take you to Birth Island, where you can catch either a pseudo-legendary or a Legendary Pokémon. The Legendary Pokémon will be a counterpart to a duo or trio that you already have 1 of. For example, if you have caught Entei, then Raikou and Suicune have a chance at spawning. The Legendary Birds and the Forces of Nature will not spawn on Birth Island, since you can obtain all 3 from their respective quests. Additionally, the use of a Mysterious Ticket has a cooldown of 24 hours. Note that if the Pokémon that spawns requires its Hidden Ability, then it will be guaranteed to have it; conversely, if the Pokémon does not need its Hidden Ability, then it will not spawn with it.

Here is a list of pseudo-legendary Pokémon that may spawn:

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2
#149 149Icon.png Dragonite Dragon Flying
#445 445Icon.png Garchomp Dragon Ground
#706 706Icon.png Goodra Dragon
#635 635Icon.png Hydreigon Dark Dragon
#448 448Icon.png Lucario Fighting Steel
#376 376Icon.png Metagross Steel Psychic
#479 479Icon.png Rotom Electric Ghost
#373 373Icon.png Salamence Dragon Flying
#248 248Icon.png Tyranitar Rock Dark
#637 637Icon.png Volcarona Bug Fire
#571 571Icon.png Zoroark Dark

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