Power Swap

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Power Swap
Element Type
Statistical Attributes
Base Power

Power Swap is a Psychic type, Status move. It switches the users Attack and Special Attack stat changes with the foe's Attack and Special Attack stat changes.


Level Up

No.PokémonType 1Type 2Level
122 122Icon.png Mr. Mime Psychic Fairy 1
150 150Icon.png Mewtwo Psychic 43
177 177Icon.png Natu Psychic Flying 47
178 178Icon.png Xatu Psychic Flying 53
196 196Icon.png Espeon Psychic 45
203 203Icon.png Girafarig Normal Psychic 1
617 617Icon.png Accelgor Bug 52

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.

Egg Moves

No.PokémonType 1Type 2
037 37Icon.png Vulpix Fire
37A 37AIcon.png Alolan Vulpix Ice
038 38Icon.png Ninetales Fire
38A 38AIcon.png Alolan Ninetales Ice Fairy
102 102Icon.png Exeggcute Grass Psychic
103 103Icon.png Exeggutor Grass Psychic
103A 103AIcon.png Alolan Exeggutor Grass Dragon
114 114Icon.png Tangela Grass
126 126Icon.png Magmar Fire
240 240Icon.png Magby Fire
273 273Icon.png Seedot Grass
274 274Icon.png Nuzleaf Grass Dark
275 275Icon.png Shiftry Grass Dark
307 307Icon.png Meditite Fighting Psychic
308 308Icon.png Medicham Fighting Psychic
333 333Icon.png Swablu Normal Flying
334 334Icon.png Altaria Dragon Flying
465 465Icon.png Tangrowth Grass
467 467Icon.png Magmortar Fire
605 605Icon.png Elgyem Psychic
606 606Icon.png Beheeyem Psychic

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.