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This page summarizes the Halloween Event, which takes part in multiple areas. The event's content accessibility is limited to its opening times, which is around October and November.

Halloween Event is an event which opens in the middle of Fall. Although the event takes part in multiple regions of the Pokémon world, it is mostly centered at Vermilion City.

The event is currently incomplete, and more features are planned to come over time.

Event-specific Areas

Main Activities

Halloween Pokémons

Main article: Halloween Pokémon

During the Halloween event, the following Pokémons have a 1/20 chance of appearing in their Halloween counterpart, regardless of where they are met:

Decorated Cities

During the Halloween Event, a few cities bring their decorations to get in the mood of the festivity. Pewter City, Vermilion City, Cerulean City, Lavender Town and Olivine City will thus appear far spookier than usual.

Headbutt Trees

On top of the Headbutt Trees at Vermilion City Graveyard, certain cities now have Headbutt Trees, while some others will yield completely different Pokemons and items, mostly focused around Ghost type Pokémons and other Halloween-esque species.

Item rewards

All trees can reward the following items.

Rare Candy.png Rare Candy 1-2
Green Candycane.png Green Candycane 1-2
Red Candycane.png Red Candycane 1-2
Sitrus Berry.png Sitrus Berry 1-3
Pomeg Berry.png Pomeg Berry 1-3
Kelpsy Berry.png Kelpsy Berry 1-3
Qualot Berry.png Qualot Berry 1-3
Hondew Berry.png Hondew Berry 1-3
Grepa Berry.png Grepa Berry 1-3
Tamato Berry.png Tamato Berry 1-3

Pewter City

Cerulean City

Vermilion City

Olivine City

Rustboro City

Mauville City