Guard Swap

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Guard Swap
Element Type
Statistical Attributes
Base Power

Guard Swap is a Psychic type, Status move. It switches the users Defense and Special Defense stat changes with the foe's Defense and Special Defense stat changes.


Level Up

No.PokémonType 1Type 2Level
122 122Icon.png Mr. Mime Psychic Fairy 1
177 177Icon.png Natu Psychic Flying 47
178 178Icon.png Xatu Psychic Flying 53
197 197Icon.png Umbreon Dark 45
203 203Icon.png Girafarig Normal Psychic 1
616 616Icon.png Shelmet Bug 50

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.

Egg Moves

No.PokémonType 1Type 2
063 63Icon.png Abra Psychic
064 64Icon.png Kadabra Psychic
065 65Icon.png Alakazam Psychic
096 96Icon.png Drowzee Psychic
097 97Icon.png Hypno Psychic
194 194Icon.png Wooper Water Ground
195 195Icon.png Quagsire Water Ground
218 218Icon.png Slugma Fire
219 219Icon.png Magcargo Fire Rock
227 227Icon.png Skarmory Steel Flying
303 303Icon.png Mawile Steel Fairy
307 307Icon.png Meditite Fighting Psychic
308 308Icon.png Medicham Fighting Psychic
351 351Icon.png Castform Normal
564 564Icon.png Tirtouga Water Rock
565 565Icon.png Carracosta Water Rock
605 605Icon.png Elgyem Psychic
606 606Icon.png Beheeyem Psychic
686 686Icon.png Inkay Dark Psychic
687 687Icon.png Malamar Dark Psychic

Emboldened Pokémon avail from a STAB bonus for this move.