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In-battle held items are Pokémon-holdable items whose functions fall outside of the modal purview of in-battle effects.

These items are not actuatable during the duration of a battle; their functions effectuate either outside of battle or on the coattails of a completed battle match if held by the Pokémon at the appropriate juncture. As such, they are not used as strategic devices in PvP battles; rather, they are used to help cultivate the desired Pokémon individualities that the trainer wants, such as their statistical properties.

Some items of this scope from the official handheld games have been eschewed in Pokémon Revolution Online in order to help equilibrate the economy and leveling system; for example, the Cleanse Tag would not be implemented since it is believed that it would undermine the value of rarer wild Pokémon due to increased abundance for suitors, and experience-enhancing items are not added due to a potential imbalance of grinding. All items that are implemented are existentially noted below.

List of available out-of-battle-effect items

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