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The Happiness stat, also interchangeably referred to as Friendship, metricizes a Pokémon's contentment and rapport with their trainer. It is quantified between 0 and 255, and it is initialized at 70 when originatively obtained or traded for.

The Happiness stat does not affect any combat stat´s of a Pokémon and is only needed as a requirement for certain Pokémon evolutions, quests and moves used outside of battle.

The use of Happiness

Pokémon evolutions

Certain Pokémon will only evolve with the help of happiness, but a Pokémon evolution does not necessarily require the happiness stat as single condition to trigger the evolution. The maximal amount of Happiness points accumulable, 255, is the threshold for all evolutions in PRO.

PokémonExtra condition

42Icon.png Golbat
113Icon.png Chansey
133Icon.png Eevee EXP gain at daytime (Espeon) or night time (Umbreon)
172Icon.png Pichu
173Icon.png Cleffa
174Icon.png Igglybuff
175Icon.png Togepi
298Icon.png Azurill
406Icon.png Budew EXP gain at day time (10am-8pm)
427Icon.png Buneary
433Icon.png Chingling EXP gain at night time (8pm-4am)
446Icon.png Munchlax
447Icon.png Riolu EXP gain at day time (10am-8pm)
527Icon.png Woobat
541Icon.png Swadloon


Using Moves

Some moves can be used outside of battle, some of them does also require a certain ammount of happiness of the performing Pokémon.


TM-Normal.png Headbutt 150 or more
TM-Ground.png Dig 150 or more
TM-Normal.png Rock Smash 220 or more at Love Island, otherwise, no happiness is required.

Modify Happiness

Gaining Happiness

MethodHappinessExtra Note

Walking +1 Works only for your first Pokémon in your party while it is not defeated. This method doesn't apply to land mounts and Bicycle, but does to surf mounts. Firendship gain occurs after 216 Steps.
Defeating Pokémon +1 After a opposing Pokémon is defeated, regardless of battle type, all participated Pokémon will gain happiness. Pokémon wich are defeated at the end of the fight wont gain happiness.
Level Up´s +5 Does work for any level up, no matter how triggered.
Vitamins +2
Berries +2 Will only work as long as you have 1 or more EVs in the according EV Stat
Trading Set to 70 When a Pokémon is traded, it´s happiness will be reset to 70, therefore, it is only possible to gain happiness with this method when the traded Pokémon happiness is under 70.

All forms of gaining Happiness can be doubled when your Pokémon is equipped with a Soothe Bell.

Losing Happiness

MethodHappinessExtra Note
Defeated Pokémon -5 When fainted in a PvP match, happiness will not be lost
Trading Set to 70 When a Pokémon is traded, it´s happiness will be reset to 70, according to that it is only possible to lose happiness when the traded Pokémon happiness stat is above 70.

Visualizing Happiness

There are two options to visualize a Pokémon´s happiness ingame. First option is to take a look at the happiness bar next to the Pokémon´s Health bar appearing on your Pokémon´s Info Card. A disadvantage of this method is that no number is shown up and you have to estimate the exact number. Second method is to use the Ingame Command /happy party-slot number which will visualize the exact ammount of happiness into the chat.

A Pokémon´s info card with it´s happiness bar.