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New Bark Town - Johto


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Adjacent areas

Route 29 New Bark Town Route 27

New Bark Town is the first Johto town, in which the player gets to choose his or her Johto Starter Pokémon. It is also the last location separating Johto from Kanto, with Route 27 on its east side being the Kanto border. The 8th Johto badge is required to return to this route, however

Other than Professor Elm in his lab, there is no point of interest in this town. Once business with him is complete, the player should move on to Route 29 on the western side of the town.

Notable miscellanies

Aunt Jessica

Inside the north-eastern house is located Aunt Jessica, who appears to be the player's Aunt inside the Pokémon Revolution Online universe. She will heal the player's pokemon for free.

Professor Elm's Lab

As the first place to visit after entering Johto, Professor Elm will provide the player with his or her first pokemon of the region. Afterwards he will also evaluate the player's Pokédex. Particularly, he will tell how many Pokémons of the second generation have been seen and captured.

Starter Pokémon

Upon entering Johto for the first time, all of the player's pokemons are taken away, and he or she must obtain a Starter Pokémon. Professor Elm will offer to choose between the three Generation 2 Starter Pokémons.

Johto's Starter Pokémon

Wild Pokémon

Headbuttable Trees

Headbuttable Tree.png
Pokémon LevelsRarity Tier
261Icon.png Poochyena 2-6 Common
273Icon.png Seedot 2-6 Common
276Icon.png Taillow 2-6 Common
204Icon.png Pineco 2-6 Intermediate
152Icon.png Chikorita 2-6 Rare
155Icon.png Cyndaquil 2-6 Rare
158Icon.png Totodile 2-6 Rare