Munchlax Resort

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Munchlax Resort - Kanto


Munchlax Resort.png

Munchlax Resort is a custom area of the Kanto region. It was added to PRO in June of 2019. While there is grass, there are no wild spawns. However, the island still has a lot to offer, given its size, housing two bosses.

In order to reach Munchlax Resort, speak to Sailor Adam in the Vermilion City docks. Being the Kanto Champion is a prerequisite to access the island.

Notable Miscellaneous

Prehax Boss

Main article: Prehax (boss)

Prehax boss can be found in Munchlax Resort House 1. He will be challengeable if you only have 2 Pokémon in your party with none of them possessing any Fighting type moves.

Fluffles Wonderland

Cie Boss

Main article: Cie (boss)

Cie boss can be found in Fluffles Wonderland. To access this area, speak with the shiny Munchlax outside of House 1. Give it 3 Rare Candies and you will be granted access to Fluffles Wonderland for 24 hours. Cie boss will be north of where you enter.