Evergreen Island Valley Path

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This area is part of Evergreen Island, the Christmas event island. As such, its accessibility is limited to its opening times, which are between December and January.

Evergreen Island Valley Path - Evergreen Island


Evergreen Island Valley Path.png

Adjacent areas

Evergreen Island Valley
Evergreen Island Valley Path
Evergreen Island Crystal Cave

Evergreen Island Valley Path is an Evergreen Island area connecting Evergreen Island Crystal Cave to Evergreen Island Valley. It is notably one of the easiest places to capture Ralts and Riolu.

Related Areas

Wild Pokémon


PokémonLevel rangeTimesHeld ItemRarity Tier
460Icon.png Abomasnow 25-31 Morning Night Rare
280Icon.png Ralts 25-31 Morning Day Night Rare
447Icon.png Riolu 32-38 Morning Day Night Rare
27Icon.png Sandshrew 25-31 Morning Day Night Common
459Icon.png Snover 25-31 Morning Day Rare
234Icon.png Stantler 16 Morning Day Night Common
216Icon.png Teddiursa 25-31 Morning Day Night Common
217Icon.png Ursaring 25-31 Morning Day Night Uncommon

  • Pink-colored names denote that this Pokémon is exclusively encounterable for members in this area
  • Emboldened levels indicate they are isolatable with the Repel trick