Leev Island

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Leev Island - Hoenn



Leev Island, or also known as its central area, Leev Town, is an extra island that can be accessed from Lilycove City's harbor. However, the Sailor will not allow the player in unless he or she has completed the Hoenn Elite Four and has an active Membership.

The island is mostly known for a short quest that rewards an Old Amber. It is also the only place where it is possible to find a Tirtouga.


Main Activities

Leev Town Quest

Leev Island's main quest begins in Leev Town. In there, Scientist Smith will ask the player to go defeat the Mega Aerodactyl that he has revived and rampaged through the town. The player will then have to go to Jura Cave to defeat it.

The quest rewards the player with a Old Amber, giving the player his or her own Aerodactyl.


Tirtouga, one of the generation 5 Fossil Pokémons, can only be obtained on the island, or more specifically, in Jura Cave.