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The layout of the Coin Shop, which is previewing the Team Magma outfit on the player's avatar.

The in-game Coin Shop is the overlaying interface in-game used to manage and exchange Coins for the purchasable commodities on it. You can open up the Coin Shop via the emblematic purse that's interposed between the world-map icon and the Pokétime clock on the client; see the visual overview of the Coin Shop to the right for the purse emblem.


As the eponymous currency of the shop, Coins can be exchanged for a multitude of potentially otherwise-unobtainable purchasables on it; see the subsectional coverage below for a list of it and their respective prices.

Obtaining Coins

Since Coins are designed as a gratitudinously rewardful payout for donations, they are reaped primarily through donations. You can donate for them by clicking on the "Get Coins" button on the Coin Shop interface. PayPal is currently the only direct transactional avenue accepted for donating to PRO.

The exchange rate is 100 Coins for every €5 (Euro equivalence) donated. You are able to donate in increments of €2.50, each for 50 coins. The maximum you are able to donate at once is €25, which equals 500 coins.

Occasionally, Coin-rewarding giveaways can also be hosted by staff, thereby allowing them to be obtained extra-transactionally to a certain level of occasionality; stay attuned to the Announcements section on the forums and Twitter for announcements regardingly.

The only avenue for their tradability from other players is through Coin Capsules—tradable Coin-containers. They are purchasable on the Coin Shop for 100 Coins, and they will statically store the same amount, allowing them to be traded in increments of 100 Coins per trade transaction.

Difficulties receiving Coins

Firstly, ensure that you've relogged thereupon donating for them; this is required to effectuate them on your account.

If issues persist, you'll need to post on the Donations Issue section of the forums; an Administrator or Developer will attend to it when they are available. Remember to mention which server you donated on, as well as providing the transactional ID; this can be found under your payment details on your PayPal account's transactional history.

Coin-usage restrictions

The Coins you receive will not bind to whichever server you donated them from, after the last update regarding Global coins; therefore, if you donated for Coins on Gold, their outlay would be confined to both servers. Donations and Coins are also not refundable; once those expenditures are made, that this their finality.

Coin Shop catalog


All of these are single-use items, meaning that they'll deplete upon one use.

ItemCoin PriceDescription
Small Membership Medallion Small Membership Medallion 50 Activates membership for a 15-day-long duration.
Membership Medallion Membership Medallion 100 Activates membership for a 30-day-long duration.
Big Membership Medallion Big Membership Medallion 190 Activates membership for a 60-day-long duration.
Experience Boost Experience Boost 20 Activates a 72-hour-long 25%-additive experience boost.
Magic Mirror Magic Mirror 50 Allows its consumptive user to recustomize their base-appearance outfit.
Halloween Mystery Box Halloween Mystery Box 25 Loots a randomized Halloween-themed consumable.
Mystery Lunch Box Mystery Lunch Box 25 Loots a randomized consumable.
Black Medallion Black Medallion 40 Enhances the chance of inheriting a hidden ability of the acquired Pokémon to 20% for a 3-day duration.
Coin Capsule Coin Capsule 100 Transactionalizes Coins, allowing any stowed away in it to be traded to other players.

Vehicular devices

Pokémon Mounts

Main article: Pokémon Mounts

Mounts are vehicular items used to facilitate a player's mobility among applicable environments. They are discrete items from Pokémon and thus do not require their respective Pokémon to be usable.

They are subsumed into two categories: land- and water-oriented mounts, as shown below.

Every regular-counterpart Mount costs 50 Coins. Shiny Mounts, which all non-Legendary Pokémon have a counterpart of, cost 100 Coins.

Land Mounts

Land Mounts are functionally identical to a Bicycle and thus enhance the player's mobility rate by 100% on land; they only differ in their overlay, which is considered more aesthetic for Mounts.

Land Mounts
Manectric Mount.png

Blue-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by male characters.
Pink-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by female characters.

Surf Mounts

Surf Mounts are aestheticized substitutes for the default surf sprite and thus will appear when a player is surfing on water. They can be used to surf without having a Surf-wielding Pokémon on-hand; however, you will need the move's HM item and the region's requisite amount of badges before you can surf.

Surf Mounts
Lapras Mount.png

Blue-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by male characters.
Pink-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by female characters.

Jet skis

Jet skis can be used as substitutes for Surf-HM-slave fodder to travel asea. All Jet skis from the following colorway cost 100 Coins apiece.

Jet skis
Light Blue Jet Ski.png
Light Blue Jet Ski
Light Green Jet Ski.png
Light Green Jet Ski
Light Orange Jet Ski.png
Light Orange Jet Ski
Light Pink Jet Ski.png
Light Pink Jet Ski
Light Purple Jet Ski.png
Light Purple Jet Ski
Light Red Jet Ski.png
Light Red Jet Ski
Light Teal Jet Ski.png
Light Teal Jet Ski
Light Yellow Jet Ski.png
Light Yellow Jet Ski

Blue-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by male characters.
Pink-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by female characters.

Apparel and Accessories

Main article: Clothing


All clothing items cost 25 Coins apiece standardly, except for the shiny-Snorlax outfit; that exception costs 30 Coins.

Autumn Blue Outfit.png
Autumn Blue Outfit
Autumn Yellow Outfit.png
Autumn Yellow Outfit
Autumn Red Outfit.png
Autumn Red Outfit
Blue Gothic Outfit.png
Blue Gothic Outfit
Cyan Gothic Outfit.png
Cyan Gothic Outfit
Green Gothic Outfit.png
Green Gothic Outfit
Purple Gothic Outfit.png
Purple Gothic Outfit
Red Gothic Outfit.png
Red Gothic Outfit
Yellow Gothic Outfit.png
Yellow Gothic Outfit
Blue Hawaiian Outfit.png
Blue Hawaiian Outfit
Dark Blue Hawaiian Outfit.png
Dark Blue Hawaiian Outfit
Green Hawaiian Outfit.png
Green Hawaiian Outfit
Orange Hawaiian Outfit.png
Orange Hawaiian Outfit
Pink Hawaiian Outfit.png
Pink Hawaiian Outfit
Purple Hawaiian Outfit.png
Purple Hawaiian Outfit
Red Hawaiian Outfit.png
Red Hawaiian Outfit
Yellow Hawaiian Outfit.png
Yellow Hawaiian Outfit
Chikorita Outfit.png
Chikorita Outfit
Cyndaquil Outfit.png
Cyndaquil Outfit
Totodile Outfit.png
Totodile Outfit
Team Aqua Uniform.png
Team Aqua Uniform
Team Magma Uniform.png
Team Magma Uniform
Team Rocket Uniform.png
Team Rocket Uniform
Deadpool Outfit.png
Deadpool Outfit
Harley Quinn Outfit
White Suit.png
White Suit
Black Suit.png
Black Suit
Blue Swimsuit.png
Blue Swimsuit
Green Swimsuit.png
Green Swimsuit
Orange Swimsuit.png
Orange Swimsuit
Red Swimsuit.png
Red Swimsuit
Purple Swimsuit.png
Purple Swimsuit
Mudkip Outfit.png
Mudkip Outfit
Torchic Outfit.png
Torchic Outfit
Treecko Outfit.png
Treecko Outfit
Stantler Outfit.png
Stantler Outfit
Blue Kimono Outfit.png
Blue Kimono Outfit
Green Kimono Outfit.png
Green Kimono Outfit
Peach Kimono Outfit.png
Peach Kimono Outfit
Purple Kimono Outfit.png
Purple Kimono Outfit
Snowman Outfit.png
Snowman Outfit
Vampire Outfit.png
Vampire Outfit
Radioactive Outfit.png
Radioactive Outfit
Sailor Outfit.png
Sailor Outfit
Security Uniform.png
Security Uniform
Iron Man Outfit.png
Iron Man Outfit
Sailor Moon Outfit.png
Sailor Moon Outfit
Snorlax Outfit.png
Snorlax Outfit
Snorlax Outfit (shiny).png
Snorlax Outfit (shiny)
Catwoman Outfit.png
Catwoman Outfit
Hulk Outfit.png
Hulk Outfit
Thor Outfit.png
Thor Outfit
Bug cloak.png
Bug cloak
Dark cloak.png
Dark cloak
Dragon cloak.png
Dragon cloak
Electric cloak.png
Electric cloak
Fairy cloak.png
Fairy cloak
Fighting cloak.png
Fighting cloak
Fire cloak.png
Fire cloak
Flying cloak.png
Flying cloak
Ghost cloak.png
Ghost cloak
Grass cloak.png
Grass cloak
Ground cloak.png
Ground cloak
Ice cloak.png
Ice cloak
Normal cloak.png
Normal cloak
Poison cloak.png
Poison cloak
Psychic cloak.png
Psychic cloak
Rock cloak.png
Rock cloak
Steel cloak.png
Steel cloak
Water cloak.png
Water cloak
Caterpie Clothes.png
Caterpie Clothes
Ludicolo Clothes.png
Ludicolo Clothes
Froslass Clothes
Mimikyu Outfit.png
Mimikyu Outfit
Bisharp Clothes
UA Clothes
Mario Clothes
Luigi Clothes
Wario Clothes
Waluigi Clothes

Blue-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by male characters.
Pink-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by female characters.


All headgear items cost 25 Coins apiece; the only exception are the shiny-Snorlax and shiny-Goomy hats, which costs 30 Coins apiece.

Many of these headgear items are popularly used for complementary accessorization or headwear to clothing items—the Deadpool Mask with the Deadpool Outfit, for example.

White Bunny Ears.png
White Bunny Ears
Black Bunny Ears.png
Black Bunny Ears
White Cat Ears.png
White Cat Ears
Black Cat Ears.png
Black Cat Ears
Blue Headphones.png
Blue Headphones
Green Headphones.png
Green Headphones
Red Headphones.png
Red Headphones
Pink Headphones.png
Pink Headphones
Yellow Headphones.png
Yellow Headphones

Blue-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by male characters.
Pink-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by female characters.

Female Glasses 1.png
Female Glasses 1
Female Glasses 2.png
Female Glasses 2
Female Glasses 3.png
Female Glasses 3
Female Glasses 4.png
Female Glasses 4
Female Glasses 5.png
Female Glasses 5
Male Glasses 1.png
Male Glasses 1
Male Glasses 2.png
Male Glasses 2
Male Glasses 3.png
Male Glasses 3
Male Glasses 4.png
Male Glasses 4
Male Glasses 5.png
Male Glasses 5
Blue Sunglasses.png
Blue Sunglasses
Black Sunglasses.png
Black Sunglasses
Gold Sunglasses.png
Gold Sunglasses
Green Sunglasses.png
Green Sunglasses
Purple Sunglasses.png
Purple Sunglasses
Red Sunglasses.png
Red Sunglasses
Yellow Sunglasses.png
Yellow Sunglasses

Blue-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by male characters.
Pink-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by female characters.

Cubone Hat.png
Cubone Hat
Hibiscus Hat.png
Hibiscus Hat
Shiny Wooper Hat.png
Shiny Wooper Hat
Shiny Whiscash Hat.png
Shiny Whiscash Hat
Shiny Qwilfish Hat.png
Shiny Qwilfish Hat
Shiny Poliwhirl Hat.png
Shiny Poliwhirl Hat
Shiny Politoed Hat.png
Shiny Politoed Hat
Shiny Magikarp Hat.png
Shiny Magikarp Hat
Shiny Chinchou Hat.png
Shiny Chinchou Hat
Shiny Feebas Hat.png
Shiny Feebas Hat
Inkay Hat.png
Inkay Hat
Chikorita Hat.png
Chikorita Hat
Cyndaquil Hat.png
Cyndaquil Hat
Totodile Hat.png
Totodile Hat
Black Hat.png
Black Hat
Bulbasaur Hat.png
Bulbasaur Hat
Charmander Hat.png
Charmander Hat
Squirtle Hat.png
Squirtle Hat
Treecko Hat.png
Treecko Hat
Torchic Hat.png
Torchic Hat
Mudkip Hat.png
Mudkip Hat
Harley Quinn Hat.png
Harley Quinn Hat
Witch Hat.png
Witch Hat
Straw Hat 1.png
Straw Hat 1
Straw Hat 2.png
Straw Hat 2
Sailor Hat.png
Sailor Hat
Pikachu Hat.png
Pikachu Hat
Small Black Cap.png
Small Black Cap
Blue Santa Hat.png
Blue Santa Hat
Green Santa Hat.png
Green Santa Hat
Red Santa Hat.png
Red Santa Hat
Purple Santa Hat.png
Purple Santa Hat
Yellow Santa Hat.png
Yellow Santa Hat
Security Cap.png
Security Cap
Snorlax Hat.png
Snorlax Hat
Snorlax Hat (shiny).png
Snorlax Hat (shiny)
Mew Hat.png
Mew Hat
Mew Hat (shiny).png
Mew Hat (shiny)
Goomy Hat.png
Goomy Hat
Goomy Hat (shiny).png
Goomy Hat (shiny)
Caterpie Hat.png
Caterpie Hat
Oddish Hat.png
Oddish Hat
Glalie Mask.png
Glalie Mask
Bisharp Hat.png
Bisharp Hat
Bisharp Hat(shiny).png
Bisharp Hat(shiny)
Sunflower Hat.png
Sunflower Hat
Mario Hat.png
Mario Hat
Luigi Hat.png
Luigi Hat
Wario Hat.png
Wario Hat
Waluigi Hat.png
Waluigi Hat

Blue-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by male characters.
Pink-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by female characters.

Bug Hood.png
Bug Hood
Dark Hood.png
Dark Hood
Dragon Hood.png
Dragon Hood
Electric Hood.png
Electric Hood
Fairy Hood.png
Fairy Hood
Fighting Hood.png
Fighting Hood
Fire Hood.png
Fire Hood
Flying Hood.png
Flying Hood
Ghost Hood.png
Ghost Hood
Grass Hood.png
Grass Hood
Ground Hood.png
Ground Hood
Ice Hood.png
Ice Hood
Normal Hood.png
Normal Hood
Poison Hood.png
Poison Hood
Psychic Hood.png
Psychic Hood
Rock Hood.png
Rock Hood
Steel Hood.png
Steel Hood
Water Hood.png
Water Hood
Team Aqua Headband.png
Team Aqua Headband
Team Magma Hood.png
Team Magma Hood

Blue-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by male characters.
Pink-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by female characters.

Deadpool Mask.png
Deadpool Mask
Snowman Mask.png
Snowman Mask
Red Skull Mask.png
Red Skull Mask
Blue Skull Mask.png
Blue Skull Mask
Green Skull Mask.png
Green Skull Mask
Catwoman Mask.png
Catwoman Mask
Hulk Mask.png
Hulk Mask
Radioactive Helmet.png
Radioactive Helmet
Thor Mask.png
Thor Mask
White Medical Mask.png
White Medical Mask
Black Medical Mask.png
Black Medical Mask
Pink Medical Mask.png
Pink Medical Mask
Blue Medical Mask.png
Blue Medical Mask

Blue-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by male characters.
Pink-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by female characters.

Limited Edition Items

Special Items released from previous events for a limited time only.


Blue-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by male characters.
Pink-colored items are only purchasable and equippable by female characters.

Navigational Items

These are navigational agents that can be used as substitutes for out-of-battle moves as opposed to having to carry a move-wielding Pokémon. They are all infinite-use.

ItemCoin PriceDescription
Abseil Rope Abseil Rope 75 Used in leu of the move Rock Climb to climb up ledges with handholds..
Shovel Shovel 100 Excavates diggable patches and allows you to traverse through caves' dig holes..
Flashlight Flashlight 75 Illuminates otherwise-lightless areas, such as caves. It requires the Flash HM in your inventory to be usable..
Battering Ram Battering Ram 100 A tool used to whack Headbuttable trees..
Tree Axe Tree Axe 75 Prunes cuttable trees. It requires the Cut HM in your inventory to be usable..
Pick Axe Pick Axe 75 Crushes Rock Smash-able rocks..
Dive Mask Dive Mask 75 Allows you to dive underwater in areas designated by dark water and sparkles. Requires the Dive HM in your inventory..
Sturdy Hiking Boots Sturdy Hiking Boots 75 Allows you to scale up waterfalls. Requires the Waterfall HM in your inventory and the 8th Sinnoh badge..