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I would be interested in working to complete a story line page for the game as a whole. I feel it would be extremely informative and help many new players and even some old who are unable to really remember everything. Is there a better place to reach you to talk about this, because if it sounds good to you id like to work on this and as I work bounce ideas off of you.

Need More Images Please!

Hi Naero, If you are still active can you upload more Pokémon images so I can start linking them to the new wiki pages I am creating please? For example I have completed a Magikarp page, but I have no icon images as there are none uploaded to the wiki (that I can find)

Thank You!


For Pokémon sprites, they are gleanable from Bulbapedia; that is where I have been deriving most of the spritework I have used for the Pokémon pages hereon, barring specially customized sprites (such as Christmas-thematized counterparts). I'd sift through the Black & White subset of male-counterpart sprites for the battle sprites, mind you.

I have satisfied your request for the Magikarp page, but feel free to use Bulbapedia for such sprites, for future reference.

Thank you for your editorship, and keep up the earnest work.

Naero (talk) 23:52, 19 April 2018 (CDT)

User Info Template Avatar

Hi Naero. There is an error on the User Info template in the part where it obtains the avatar of the user. The code has two typos that prevent it from getting the uploaded avatar. The line [[File:{{#vardefaultusername}}_(user paeg).png|250px]] should read [[File:{{#var:defaultusername}}_(user page).png|250px]] - I would change it myself but saw your note there asking to bring it to your attention instead. Thank you for your time. :)

Hyral (talk) 17:46, 10 May 2018 (CDT)

Thank you for accentuating this to my attention, and apologies for the long-unscrutinized oversight; it has been duly fixed, now. Let me know if issues persist.

Also feel free to amend it for future reference if errors are unequivocally discernible, such as those. While, yes, I do abjure users to contact me for the more esoteric amendations needed, I would not balk at the more laymen-level errors; plain typos would qualify as that.

Thank you again—both for this report and your diligent editorship!

Naero (talk) 20:37, 10 May 2018 (CDT)

Certain things not working as expected

Could you or someone take a look at the page for Burn Up and Cyndaquil I created? There is a strange error on Burn Up that makes the entire page ugly, even though I have used a template from another move and changed the corresponding values. As for Cyndaquil, certain moves in his level-up and TM/HM are showing up as ""[[]]" even though I have followed the formatting, and the moves not having a page isn't the issue as I created a page for Burn Up yet it still shows as "[[]]" Thanks for taking the time to read this.