Tyranitarite (quest)

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Tyranitarite (quest)
Starting location
Golds Gym in Saffron City.

The Tyranitarite quest is the questline done in order to acquire the Mega stone for Tyranitar—the Tyranitarite.


To make the quest go as smoothly as possible, these preparations should be made:

  • A level 100 Tyranitar with an Adamant, Careful, Impish, Jolly, or Sassy nature

Instructional Walkthrough

Kung Fu Master

Inside Gold's Gym in Saffron City, near the Work Up TM Tutor, an NPC named Kung Fu Master will be standing. Speak to him and accept his challenge to begin the quest.

The Kung Fu Master will ask that you bring a Tyranitar strong enough to win. As mentioned above, he will only accept Tyranitar's that have either Sassy, Adamant, Jolly, or Careful natures. After you show him the Tyranitar, he will allow you to battle him, but you can only use a Tyranitar.

You will have to win battles in order to earn a chance at striking the "iron-body" of the Kung Fu Master. Each strike has a chance at going through his tough body. If your strike goes through, you win the challenge. It is important to note that there is no cooldown, so if you lose, you can battle again immediately. Furthermore, you cannot heal in-between matches.

Below are all the possible Pokémon that can appear as opponents.

Once your strike goes through, the Kung Fu Master will admit defeat and reward you with the Tyranitarite.