Thief (quest)

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Thief (quest)
Celadon Thief.png
Very easy
Starting location
Go to the rooftop of Celadon Department Store.

The Thief quest is a side quest in Kanto that is not compulsorily however may be useful for other quests such as the Intraregional Subway (quest).

By virtue of the fact that TM96 (Thief) can aide a user to complete the Intraregional Subway (quest) as this allows you to teach any compatible pokémon the move Thief to take the Nocturnal Feather Item from wild pidgeotto on Route 16.

Instructional walkthrough

Once entering the Celadon Department Store, head over to the rooftop, this can be accessed by either using the elevator or taking the stairs. Once you have reached the rooftop speak to the Thief and accept to help him out.

Locating the items

The 3 items will be locationally fixed for every player.The three areas to find the items is outlined below:

The trilocational screenshots are galleried below.


TM96 (Thief)

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Once you have completed the quest, the Thief NPC will offer to sell you the TM96 for PokémonDollar.png7,500 any time you want.

Video walkthrough