Shaymin (quest)

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Shaymin (quest)
Starting location
Breezy Town.

The Shaymin Quest is an Easter Event exclusive quest to catch Shaymin with its easter form. As such, it can only be started from Breezy Town.

You can reach Breezy Town by speaking with Sailor Richard in either Vermilion City, Olivine City, Lilycove City, or Canalave City.


Before starting the quest, there are some Items, Pokémon , and specific moves that you will need in order to finish the quest.

For the Gracidea Flower:

For Shaymin:

Step by step guide

Gracidea Flower

Mayor Chris is located Breezy Town House 1. Speak with him to begin the quest.

Select the 3rd line of text, "What is the Spring Festival?". The mayor will then tell you about Shaymin and the Gracidea Flower. He tells you to look at a book, interact with the bookshelf on the far right of his house.

Go to Breezy Path, at the top left corner there is a rock you need to interact with.

At this point, you will need the Pokémon with Magical Leaf and 100 Oran Berries. Once you have those, head to Breezy Path. At the top right of the map there will be a pink patch of grass. Step on it. You should now have it, check your inventory for the Gracidea Flower.

Micle Berry

To begin this part, go to the top left corner of Breezy Path. Interact with the same rock as the one previously mentioned. You will need to hear the cries of 5 Pokémon.


Once all the cries have been heard, you will receive a prompt saying "You hear a rumble in the distance".

Head back to the rock, and you'll notice its become a tree. Interact with it to get the Micle Berry.

Afterwards, speak with the white haired NPC. He mentions that you might be able to help an old lady in Suzuka Town.

If you already have the Gracidea Flower and Micle Berry from the previous Easter Event, skip these steps and only speak with the white haired NPC.

Suzuka Town

After getting the Gracidea Flower, the Micle Berry, and speaking with the white haired NPC, head east of Breezy Path and you will reach Suzuka Path and then eventually Suzuka Town.

Go to the top left of Suzuka Town and speak with Old Lady. Go inside her house and speak with her again. She talks of stories told by her paintings. Interact with each 2x1 painting, there are 4 painting that offer 4 puzzles, however, there are a total of 5 puzzles. You can do them in any order you please.

First Puzzle

The first puzzle is the kimono girls. You will have to find and fight 4 kimono girls.

This fight will be a 3v3 battle.

Suzuka Path Trainers
Lady (kimono).png
Lady (kimono) Samantha
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.

This fight will be a best out of 5 battle. Note that she will change the order of her team to a more favorable match up for her.

Suzuka Towers Trainers
Lady (kimono).png
Lady (kimono) Asuya
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.

This fight is a normal 6v6 battle.

Breezy Cave Trainers
Lady (kimono).png
Lady (kimono) Margaret
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100
Lv. 100

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.

The last kimono girl will fight you with Little Cup rules. To enter Breezy Falls you will need a Pokémon level 25 or under that is not evolved and can evolve at least once. Gligar, Meditite, Misdreavus, Murkrow, Scyther, Sneasel, Swirlix, Tangela, and Yanma are banned. Aside from Pokémon, there are some moves that are also banned. These are Baton Pass, Dragon Rage, Sonic Boom, and Swagger.

Breezy Falls Trainers
Lady (kimono).png
Lady (kimono) Tinea
Lv. 25
Lv. 25
Lv. 25
Lv. 25
Lv. 25
Lv. 25

All NPCs cool down after 7 days unless noted contrariwise.

Second Puzzle

The second puzzle is Fisher Freddy. He is located at the top left of Suzuka Path. He will ask you to bring some fish to cultivate. You will need to bring him:

After giving him all the fish, he will tell you it is complete.

Third Puzzle

For the third puzzle, you will need to plant some berries in certain locations. In the path that leads towards the Suzuka Temple in Suzuka Town, there is a berry pot. Plant Cheri Berries there. The second berry pot is to the left of the Pokemart in Suzuka Town, Chesto Berries are needed here. Next, are the berry pots near the library. It needs Pecha Berries. Finally, near the entrance to Suzuka Clearing, just passing the bridge, there is a berry pot that needs Rawst Berries.

Fourth Puzzle

This puzzle requires you to feed some Pokémon.

Fifth Puzzle

The final puzzle is to make a bridge of Lotad. To do so, you need to interact with Lotad in Suzuka Clearing and lead them to the Sentret just south of the broken bridge. There are two on the left side of the map, one on the right side of the map, and one on the water. Afterwards, speak with the Old Lady in Suzuka Temple. She will tell the guard in Suzuka Towers to let you pass.

Suzuka Cave

Once you enter the tower, go right and enter the second tower. There, you will fight an Alolan Grimer. Follow the path and you will reach Suzuka Cave. Inside the cave, there are 5 more Alolan Grimer you will need to defeat. Taking too long will cause the Alolan Grimer to respawn.

Once you defeat all 6 Alolan Grimer, you will need to face off with an Alolan Muk, this fight is really tough. After beating it, pick up the Gracidea Flower Black from the floor.


Catching Shaymin

After beating them all, follow the path and you will find Shaymin. Have your sync ready, a swiper, and plenty of Pokéballs. Having a Master Ball at hand is widely recommended, as it reduces the chances of the fight going bad. If by any reason, you fail to catch Shaymin, you can earn a second chance by beating the Nikola boss in Trainers Valley.

The pink tree behind where Shaymin was caught will change it to its Easter form. To change it into its Sky form, you must go to the Shaymin shrine in Route 224