S.S. Anne (quest)

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S.S. Anne (quest)
S.S. Anne Captain Office.png
Very easy
Starting location
Board the S.S. Anne from Vermilion City's docks; thereafter, the questwork will be self-directing.

The S.S. Anne quest is a gym-transitional quest in Kanto that is compulsorily completed before players challenge Lt. Surge in Vermilion Gym for the third badge.

By virtue of the fact that HM01 (Cut) is procured from completing this quest, it is an antecedent to accessing the gym itself, as this HM is invariably needed to deobstruct the tree that is occluding the pathway to the aforementioned gym.

This quest is the central content-oriented scheme of the S.S. Anne area, as all objectives are completed therein and the ship will no longer be accessible upon its completion.

Instructional walkthrough

S.S. Anne's entryway on Vermilion City's docks.

Booking in

Contingent that you have already completed Bill's mini-quest on Route 25, your passengership should be admissible on Vermilion City's dock; if so, speak to the screeners on the dock, and you will be admitted aboard.

When walking through the entryway's corridor, Usher Dale will intercept you; thereafter, he will escort you into your room on the basement floor. Once you interact with the PC, your passengership will be registered and thus you will be free to meander around the rest of the ship as you please. It is advisable to battle all NPCs for their prolific experience-points payouts and for more Pokédex-data entries since you will no longer have access to the ship after completing the quest, but none are required for the quest's objectives.

Discovering the current plight

Conferring with Doctor Neumann in the kitchen to start the objective.

Once you are booked, tread your way to the kitchen; this can be entered from the southwesternmost doorway in the first-floor corridor.

In the kitchen, you will need to speak with Doctor Neumann; he will apprise you of the current plight with the captain and enjoin you to help concoct the curative potion to deliver to him. Remember to ask how you can help when prompted on the dialogic menu; otherwise, you will not be able to properly proceed with the objective, as your quest variables will not be registered to enable you to do the subsequent steps.

If you do not already have a Pecha Berry on-hand, it is advisable to loot the middle trash-can bin in the kitchen for one before leaving.

Concocting the potion

After you have conferred with Doctor Neumann and have obtained a Pecha Berry, head to the rightmost room on the second floor to speak with Jenson. He will extract your Pecha Berry and start developing the potion.

There is no need to debrief him about the developmental status of the potion; rather, as soon as you enter the ballroom (accessible from the leftmost doorway on the second floor), you can interact with the overworld Blissey to retrieve it. The item is named as 'SecretPotion' in your inventory.

If you happen to lose the Secret Potion, it will be reclaimable from Jenson.

Delivering the potion

After you have obtained the potion from Jenson's Blissey in the ballroom, you can deliver it to the captain; his office is reachable from the only ascendant staircase on the second floor.

After you have delivered it to him, his ailment will immediately be expunged, and you will be rewarded HM01 (Cut). Now, you can access Vermilion Gym and progressional advance!

Video walkthrough