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Pokemon Revolution Online Wiki's goal is to furnish a wiki with utmost accuracy, breadth, clarity, and credibility to all contents therein.

In order to facilitate that goal, we have enabled editing of most pages to any registered users to help pluralize the manpower of our editorship. One of the drawbacks of that collaborative editability is that the pages are subjected to vandalism and inadequately developed/maintained pages, since this volunteer-driven, openly editable wiki predominantly depends on unselectedly registered users to maintain it: as such, we can not guarantee wholly consistent veracity, completion, and up-to-date accuracy of its content at all times.

That is not to suggest that this source will not be dependable; you might have known some that considered Wikipedia discreditable under the same rationale that it's widely editable, but how much content have you examined on it that you can truly say is inaccurate? All collectively volunteer-driven wikis are susceptible to vandalistic misinformation and potentially obscene content, but a well-maintained wiki will seldom see those results.

Through a combination of protected pages for the more accuracy-sensitive pages, an active bureau of wiki-editors to monitor, moderate and maintain the wiki, a cohesive goal of validity to the wiki's information, and other countervandalistic measures, we plan to ensure minimality to any potentially unreliable content.

The bottom line is that the wiki is still subject to misinformation—be it attributable to deliberately vandalistic editing, unpunctilious editing, or ingenuous mistakes on the editors' parts—and while we don't want any regularity out of it, it will always be a susceptibility; as such, we must disclaim any responsibility for content that you may find harmful, offensive or misinformative.