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Nikola boss NPC.png
LocationUnknown Place (Trainers Valley)
Cooldown time21 days (Only if you have lost to him)
Dates active2016—present
Basic requirements
  • Must have successlessly attempted to capture a Legendary Pokémon

"I feel that you are in need of a rare Pokemon. But... Do you deserve it? Are you willing to attest your merit to me in a battle?"


Nikola is the eponymous boss NPC of the staff member of that namesake.

Nikola is paradigmatically anomalous from most bosses in the sense that his function is specialized strictly in the restitution of squandered Legendary Pokémon, providing renewability to a player's chance at capturing one of the mythical creatures; he does not reward any prizesets beyond that, otherwise. If a player has resultlessly encountered a Legendary Pokémon and are otherwise divested the opportunity of hunting for them again, defeating Nikola will restitute it.

Tallying to his Legendary Pokémon specialty, Nikola is the only boss NPC at this time to marshal multiple Legendary Pokémon in his lineup.

Boss rework 2019

Nikola now allows you to re-summon each legendary you've released once. Bear in mind that neither he nor Community Coordinators will restore your legendary if you release it, intending to utilize the recapture as a reroll. He will only restore the legendary this way once, whether or not you manage to capture it. It is highly recommended that you do not utilize this as a reroll - this is intended for players who accidentally release their legendaries.

The boss rework was issued and is still ongoing to improve the boss NPC's in general. All reworked bosses are coded in Python and not in Xanascript anymore, which gives new opportunities. Reworked bosses can now have held items as well. One of the biggest benefits is, that the Python script sees when if the server crashed in order to not count a lose in case the player fought against the boss while the server crashed. In such a case the player can simply re-fight the boss. Nikola does not have any difficulty levels as he is a special boss with one clear purpose.

Challenging Nikola

Nikola is stationed in Unknown Place; this is an adjunct map on Trainers Valley. Thereon, he can be found recuperating under a bower of the map's centermost tree.

In order for a battle to be initiable with Nikola, you must have discernibly attempted to capture one of the huntable Legendary Pokémon and unsuccessfully so; this stipulates that you do not have its caught-data entry registered on your Pokédex and that you have battled the Legendary Pokémon in question. If you there is no discernible inopportunity to capture these Legendary Pokémon, no battle will be initiated.

If you have lost to him, he will be rechallengeable after a 21-day-cooldown time.


Nikola's Lineup
Timid Pressure Life Orb
Adamant Air Lock Lum Berry
Modest Drizzle Choice Specs
Adamant Multitype Silk Scarf
Hasty Pressure Life Orb
Naughty Drought Leftovers
  • Emboldened moves avail from a STAB bonus when deployed by that Pokémon.
  • Italicized moves are functionally broken; see their individualized pages for more information.


At the fulcrum of Nikola's rewards is the reinstatement of the Legendary Pokémon's battleability or the quest lead-ups needed for it, thereby accessibilizing to you another chance of hunting for them.

Resettable Legendary Pokémon

Pokédex NumberPokémonType 1Type 2
#144 144Icon.png Articuno Ice Flying
#145 145Icon.png Zapdos Electric Flying
#146 146Icon.png Moltres Fire Flying
#151 151Icon.png Mew Psychic
#243 243Icon.png Raikou Electric
#244 244Icon.png Entei Fire
#245 245Icon.png Suicune Water
#251 251Icon.png Celebi Grass Psychic
#377 377Icon.png Regirock Rock
#378 378Icon.png Regice Ice
#379 379Icon.png Registeel Steel
#380 380Icon.png Latias Dragon Psychic
#381 381Icon.png Latios Dragon Psychic
#385 385Icon.png Jirachi Steel Psychic
#480 480Icon.png Uxie Psychic
#481 481Icon.png Mesprit Psychic
#482 482Icon.png Azelf Psychic
#485 485Icon.png Heatran Fire Steel
#488 488Icon.png Cresselia Psychic
#490 490Icon.png Manaphy Water
#492 492Icon.png Shaymin Grass
#646 646Icon.png Kyurem Dragon Ice
#649 649Icon.png Genesect Bug Steel