Latios & Latias (quest)

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Latios & Latias (quest)
Latias and Latios guide.png
Very Hard
Starting location
Littleroot Town.

The Latios & Latias Quest is one out of many additional, not story related Legendary Pokémon quests and is the only way to catch one of the Legendary Pokémon Latios or Latias.

This quest is known for its high and hard requirements regarding the evolution data which makes this quest one of the hardest and time-consuming quest's in Pokémon Revolution Online. The pure order of events are plainly easier.

Instructional walkthrough

Accomplishment of the dex requirements

In order to start the quest you need at least to have countered 300 different evolutions in your Pokédex. Spawns for all Pokémon can be found at their specific pages.

Littleroot Town and catching the legendary

Watching TV is a important part of this quest!

Once you have accomplished all evolutions, be Hoenn champ and have done the Jirachi quest, you can travel to Littleroot Town and talk to the reporter's located above the Starter House. As result you will scare away the Latias next to the reporter's and those will disappear after a small dialogue.

Now, enter the starting house and interact with the TV. In case you:

  • meet the requirements, you can choose one of the two legendary Pokémon which will be the one you can catch later.
  • do not meet any requirement, the TV will show 'nothing interesting'.

Important at this part is, that you can choose only once. You can change later your Latios to Latias or Latias to Latios but all stats will be randomly set again. More information under 'change your legendary'.

Now, when you have choosen your Pokémon, step out of the Starter House and walk up to the location where the reporter stand - above the players house. The choosen legendary should appear and is ready to catch. The Pokémon is at level 30, make sure to be prepared for this fight. In case the legendary was not successfully caught, you have the chance to catch it again by beating Nikola.

Change your legendary

Changing your chosen legendary once was possible but has been removed with the addition of the World Quest, which makes it possible to obtain the other pokémon of this duo.

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